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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made an important announcement regarding the process of obtaining visas from its missions located in seven countries. On Thursday, the Saudi government announced that it has decided to replace the traditional stickers placed on passports with QR codes for data reading purposes.

As per the directives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this new regulation has been implemented in the Saudi missions of the United Arab Emirates, India, Jordan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and the Philippines since 1 May. This move is in line with the Kingdom’s ongoing efforts to digitize consular services and streamline the process of obtaining various types of visas, including work, residence, and visit visas.

The new e-visa system will enable Saudi missions in these countries to develop a mechanism for granting different types of visas to applicants. This latest move is a clear indication of the Saudi government’s commitment to modernizing its visa and consular services in line with international standards. The Kingdom is striving to improve its services to better serve the needs of travelers and facilitate their travel plans.