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Updated January 2024

NEOM, recognized as one of the globe’s most ambitious projects, has recently revealed its newest marvel – Zardun. Nestled along the enchanting coastline of the Gulf of Aqaba in Saudi Arabia’s northwest, Zardun promises to revolutionize contemporary living by harmoniously integrating nature with luxury.

Join Wego on an exploration of Zardun, where innovative architecture and ecological revival dance together.

What is Zardun?

NEOM’s pioneering dedication to sustainable opulence is embodied in Zardun, a unique sanctuary resort that graces the Gulf of Aqaba. Situated in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, Zardun masterfully merges modern luxury with the natural world, signifying a remarkable advancement in the region’s sustainable development.


Encompassing four square kilometers, Zardun is a meticulously rejuvenated refuge teeming with indigenous flora and fauna, offering discerning visitors an exceptional ecotourism experience. The resort boasts three boutique hotels, each with a unique theme, providing 100 rooms and suites that encapsulate a vision of sustainability within a revitalized environment.

Zardun transcends conventional leisure, encouraging guests to engage in activities such as trekking, rock climbing, stargazing, and educational programs focused on nature conservation. Reflecting NEOM’s commitment to environmental preservation, Zardun’s sustainability strategy encompasses the creation of oases that support diverse ecosystems and contribute to the conservation of coral reefs along the Gulf of Aqaba.

As the latest addition to NEOM’s portfolio, Zardun enhances the roster of sustainable tourism destinations within the Gulf of Aqaba, underscoring NEOM’s unwavering commitment to a future where luxury and environmental stewardship harmoniously coexist.

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What to expect at Zardun?

As we eagerly await our voyage to Zardun, NEOM’s eco-luxury retreat, here’s a glimpse of what lies in store at this exclusive sanctuary nestled along the Gulf of Aqaba:

Four ultra-luxury signature buildings

Zardun will be home to four signature ultra-luxury buildings that harmoniously blend with the surrounding landscape. By reimagining luxury through an environmental lens, Zardun pledges to deliver an unparalleled premium ecotourism experience for its discerning guests.

Boutique hotels

Zardun will house three unique and opulent boutique hotels, offering a combined total of 100 rooms and suites. Each room is designed with a vision of a sustainable future in mind, set within this newly rejuvenated environment. Every hotel will carry a distinct theme, inviting guests to indulge in a variety of experiences while enjoying breathtaking views of a stunning valley and the sea beyond.

Beach club and jetty

In the near future, a beach club and jetty will adorn the coastline, becoming key attractions of this emerging destination.

Hiking and discovery trails

Embark on an adventure at Zardun. You’ll have the chance to traverse hiking and discovery trails and participate in activities such as trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and a range of other sports and leisure activities. Additionally, you can partake in stargazing, meditation, and yoga sessions. Educational field programs on nature protection, conservation, and rewilding will also be on offer, fostering a deeper bond with the environment.

Zardun location

Perched majestically above the clear and pristine waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, Zardun is poised to redefine the concept of an Arabian oasis. The selected location, with its awe-inspiring vistas and tranquil atmosphere, infuses an additional touch of charm to this visionary endeavor.

Zardun opening date

As one of the most ambitious projects under NEOM, Zardun has generated significant interest worldwide. While the project’s unveiling indicates substantial progress, the official announcement of its launch date is yet to be made. This section will be promptly updated as soon as further details emerge.


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