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Updated April 2024

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled odyssey that redefines the very essence of thrill-seeking—the much-anticipated Falcon’s Flight Roller Coaster emerges as a testament to gravity-defying marvels within the heart of Six Flags Qiddiya. Falcon’s Flight stands as the veritable apex of adventure, embodying the pulse-pounding essence of the City of Thrills, a testament to the boundless aspirations of this ambitious theme park project.

Read further as Wego unveils details regarding the iconic Falcon’s Flight Roller Coaster.

What is the Falcon’s Flight Roller Coaster?

Falcon’s Flight is an upcoming roller coaster set to break records as Earth’s fastest, tallest, and longest ride. Scheduled for a grand debut in October 2024, this awe-inspiring attraction will reside within Six Flags Qiddiya, a groundbreaking theme park sprawling across 79 acres in Saudi Arabia.

Offering an array of 28 rides and attractions spread across six themed zones, the roller coaster promises an adventure like no other. Moreover, Falcon’s Flight will shine as the centerpiece of the City of Thrills, one of the park’s six distinct lands.

Falcon’s Flight Roller Coaster opening date

The Falcon’s Flight Roller Coaster, slated to be constructed within the Six Flags Qiddiya theme park, is anticipated to unveil its grand opening in October 2024.

Falcon’s Flight Roller Coaster location

Scheduled to open to the public in October 2024, the Falcon Flight coaster will be featured at the upcoming Six Flags Qiddiya amusement park in Riyadh.

Positioned within the first phase of the Qiddiya project, a sprawling 90,440-acre development, Six Flags Qiddiya aims to epitomize entertainment, sports, and arts, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 objectives. This venture is set to redefine the realm of amusement parks and become a vibrant nexus of experiences in the region.

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Falcon’s Flight Roller Coaster height and speed

Falcon’s Flight will take riders on a breathtaking journey across four kilometers (about 2.5 miles) of track, reaching speeds of up to 251 kilometers per hour (about 156 miles per hour).

The coaster will use magnetic motor acceleration and three electromagnetic propulsion launch systems to propel the train along the track, which will include a vertical cliff dive of 160 meters (525 feet) into a valley, a parabolic airtime hill that will create a weightless sensation, and a series of twists and turns that will offer panoramic views of the park.

Moreover, the coaster will be the world’s tallest free-standing coaster structure, standing at 200 meters (656 feet) high, and will also be the first roller coaster to go over 500 feet. The ride will last for three minutes and will accommodate up to 20 passengers per train.

Falcon’s Flight Roller Coaster manufacturer

Falcon’s Flight is being designed by Intamin, a Swiss company that has been creating theme park attractions for over 50 years. Known for iconic rides like Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, and Kingda Ka, the world’s tallest steel coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure, Intamin is a leading force in the industry.


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