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Updated January 2024

The importance of official identification for every individual, regardless of age, cannot be overstated. In Pakistan, the government has introduced the B-form or Child Registration Certificate, managed by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), as a pivotal document for children below 18 years old.

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In this article, Wego delves into the requirements, step-by-step process, and associated fees involved in acquiring the B-form, elucidating its indispensable role in Pakistan’s administrative landscape.

What is a Form B?

A B-form or Child Registration Certificate is a crucial document for children under 18 years old in Pakistan, serving as their official record in government databases. Introduced by the Pakistani government, this document is managed by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

This certificate is further necessary for accessing fundamental services like education, healthcare records, and other important matters.

Form B requirements

Below is the list of requirements to obtain a B-form for your children:

  • valid ID card of the parents
  • proof of birth
  • Nikkah Naama (wedding proof)

How to obtain a Form B?

Recognizing its significance, authorities have taken steps to streamline the process of obtaining the B-form, ensuring that all families can register their children in government records.

To obtain a B-form in Pakistan, follow the steps given below:

  • visit the NADRA office to obtain a token for the B-Form application.
  • if both parents are available, one will apply while the other will act as an attestor. If only one parent is present, the application form needs attestation by a gazetted officer or a designated public representative (such as an MNA, MPA, or local body official/member).
  • undergo a photograph session as part of the application process.
  • provide fingerprints and a signature of the children to the assigned operator.
  • submit all required information and receive a printed application form.
  • obtain the printed version of your completed application form.
  • submit the form to the relevant National Registration Center (NRC) and collect the processed form after the designated waiting period.

Form B fees

The standard fee for a B-form is PKR 50. However, NADRA also offers executive services for those seeking additional options, priced at PKR 500.


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