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Updated 9 February 2021

After rolling out the Sinopharm vaccine on December 9, the UAE has started its widespread vaccination campaign on December 23 last year. The Sinopharm and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines are currently being administered free of charge to Emiratis.

Dubai residents have already started queuing up to get themselves inoculated. Read on to know where and how you can get vaccinated for free in Dubai.

Where can I get vaccinated for free?

There are currently 120 places in Dubai providing residents and citizens of the UAE free of cost vaccinations. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has enabled registrations and appointments to be made via the DHA app and the toll-free number 800-342.

Zabeel Health Center
Near Club Roundabout, Za’abeel 2 – Dubai. Google location
Open every day except Friday, 7.30 AM – 9.30 PM. Contact +971 800 342

Al Mizhar Health Center
42C Street, Next to Princess Haya Centre، Al Mizhar 1 – Dubai. Google location
Open every day except Friday and Saturday, 7.30 AM – 9.30 PM. Contact +971 800 342

Nadd Al Hamar Health Center
63 8c St – Nadd Al Hamar – Dubai. Google location
Open 24/7. Contact +971 800 342

Al Barsha Health Centre
Al Barsha Al Barsha 3 – Dubai. Google location
Open 24/7. Contact +971 800 342

Uptown Occupational Health Screening Center
Mirdif – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Google location
Open every day except Friday and Saturday, 7.00 AM – 8.00 PM. Contact +971 4 502 4701

Hatta Hospital
Hatta, Near Hatta Hill Park – Dubai. Google location
Open 24/7. Contact +971 4 814 7000

The Sinopharm vaccine, on the other hand, is being administered at only two locations as of now by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha).

Port Rashid
Al MinaPort Rashid – Dubai. Google location
Open every day, 10.00 AM – 8.00 PM. Contact +971 800 1717

Emirates Field Hospital
Dubai Parks and Resorts Field Hospital – Dubai. Google location
Open every day, 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM.

Apart from these, MOHAP is also giving free jabs at the following three spots.

Al Ittihad
Umm Amar Road, Al Safa, Jumeirah – Dubai. Google location
Open every day except Friday and Saturday, 7.30 AM – 2.30 PM. Contact +971 4 342 1005.

Hor Al Anz
46 16th St – Deira – Dubai. Google location
Temporarily closed. Contact +971 4 266 6978.

Al Qusais
Al Qusais Al Qusais 1 – Dubai. Google location
Open every day except Friday and Saturday, 8.00 AM – 2.30 PM. Contact +971 4 231 6400.

The following Dubai hospitals are also providing the vaccine:

  • Rashid Hospital
  • Dubai Hospital
  • Latifa Hospital
  • Hatta Hospital
  • Uptown Mirdiff Medical Fitness Centre
  • Mediclinic Hospital Network (13 locations)
  • Three mobile units

You can also get your jab at the following Primary Healthcare Centres:

  • Al Mizhar
  • Zabeel
  • Al Barsha
  • Nadd Al Hamar
  • Al Safa
  • Al Badaa
  • Nad Al Sheba
  • Al Mankhool
  • Al Twar
  • Al Lisaili.

Additionally, the following locations are offering the vaccine:

  • Union Health Centres
  • Hor Al Anz Health Centre
  • Al Qusais Health Centre
  • Dubai Parks & Resorts Field Hospital
  • Screening centres at Al Khawaneej and Port Rashid;
  • Emirates Specialty Hospital (22 locations)
  • Burjeel Network
  • VPS Network (two locations)
  • NMC Hospitals Network (nine locations).


In Abu Dhabi, all of Abu Dhabi’s SEHA clinics along with VPS healthcare’s hospitals and clinics are offering vaccination.

Find out more about vaccination centers across the UAE


Getting vaccinated at home

Authorities in the UAE had recently announced that some categories of residents can get the free Covid-19 vaccine at home.

Bookings for the service are now open across the emirates for people of determination; those with chronic diseases; and the elderly.

In Sharjah, the service can be booked via the call centre of the Social Services Department at 800700.

Staff at the centres concerned have been trained to administer the vaccines at homes of the beneficiaries. Their families can avail themselves of the service as well.

In Abu Dhabi, the service can be booked through the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha) call centre 80050. Special medical teams then visit the homes of the residents to administer the free jab.

In Ajman, the service can be booked via the toll-free number 80070.

Who can get vaccinated?

UAE’s vaccination drive is prioritizing certain groups of people during the current phase of mass distribution. Senior Emirati citizens and residents aged 60 or above, people suffering from chronic diseases and those with disabilities, and frontline workers (both public and private sectors) will be given priority. Only then will the vaccine be available to the rest of the public.

People who had been infected with COVID-19 and recovered cannot take the shots until at least three months have passed from the date of infection. Also, if you have been administered any type of vaccine for other diseases, like influenza, you’ll have to wait for about one month to get your COVID-19 vaccine jab.

The following people are, however, not eligible for the vaccine in the UAE:

  • Children below 18 years
  • Pregnant women
  • Breast-feeding women
  • Women trying to conceive
  • People with compromised immunity
  • People with allergic reactions to any kind of vaccine, food, medication

How to register for the vaccination?

Vaccination has not been made compulsory in UAE and residents can choose whether or not to take the jab.

Those willing to take the Pfizer/BioNTech dose should download the Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) smartphone App, fill out the given registration form and book a date for the visit. You may also call the toll free number 800342 for securing the vaccination appointment. Without a prior appointment, you won’t be allowed to take Pfizer vaccine jabs in Dubai.

To register for the Sinopharm vaccination, you’ll need to get in contact with SEHA and secure your appointment. Please reach out to SEHA call center on 800 50 and prepare your valid Emirates ID and your Ministry health card. After your initial shot, you would be notified of your second dose via SMS.

The MOHAP centres don’t require any prior appointment. You can just walk in with your Emirates ID and get vaccinated.