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Updated March 2024

Fujairah International Airport (FJR) stands as the exclusive air hub within the Emirate of Fujairah, one of the seven emirates comprising the United Arab Emirates. Nestled against the backdrop of the scenic Hajar Mountains, this airport not only offers a unique travel experience but also serves as your gateway to the picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Fujairah.

Explore everything you need to navigate Fujairah International Airport effortlessly with this concise guide by Wego. From crucial information on arrivals and departures to insider tips, we offer all you need for a smooth and stress-free airport experience in Fujairah, UAE.

Fujairah International Airport overview

Fujairah International Airport, strategically positioned just 1.9 kilometers south of central Fujairah City, offers convenient access for travelers. Housing a single terminal catering to both passengers and cargo shipments, the airport also hosts the renowned Fujairah Aviation Academy.

Its inception in October 1987 was driven by the visionary leadership of His Highness Sheik Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi. Recognizing Fujairah’s transportation potential, he aimed to establish the airport as a pivotal hub, connecting Fujairah globally while providing a tranquil setting for travelers and businesses to experience the renowned warm hospitality of Fujairah.

Over the years, Fujairah International Airport has undergone significant expansions to enhance connectivity and airline services. These expansions included the development of warehousing, aircraft maintenance facilities, and airline offices, all contributing to a seamless travel experience. Guided by the insightful leadership of His Highness Sheik Salah Al Sharqi, Chairman of the Department of Industry and Economy, the airport has experienced remarkable growth.

Under his vision, recent additions such as a parallel runway, taxiways, aprons, and modern facilities, including an iconic Air Traffic Control Tower, have further enhanced the airport’s infrastructure. These advancements underscore Fujairah International Airport’s commitment to providing world-class services and ensuring a comfortable journey for the 2 million travelers it now accommodates annually

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Fujairah International Airport code

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) code for Fujairah International Airport is FJR, while that of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is OMFJ.

Fujairah International Airport location

Fujairah International Airport is situated on Airport Road in the emirate of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, a mere 1.9 kilometers south of central Fujairah City.


Fujairah International Airport arrivals and departures

The exclusive passenger airline serving Fujairah International Airport is SalamAir, with all flights requiring travelers to transit in Muscat, Oman, before reaching their final destination. Conversely, individuals intending to arrive at Fujairah Airport as their ultimate stop will also originate from Muscat, Oman.

For the latest updates on departure and arrival schedules, travelers can easily access the official Fujairah International Airport website.

Alternatively, websites like Wego provide real-time flight schedules. For the latest flight information, enter your departure and destination on Wego’s website.

Fujairah International Airport terminal

Fujairah International Airport features a single passenger terminal that manages both arrivals and departures, equipped with essential facilities such as restaurants, cafes, duty-free shops, and currency exchange counters.

You can find out the terminal map here.

Fujairah International Airport services and facilities

The following are some of the services and facilities offered by the Fujairah International Airport:

Dining services

Discover a variety of cuisines at Fujairah International Airport, including:

  • the terminal restaurants: customers can enjoy Continental, Asian, Lebanese, and other cuisines prepared by experienced chefs trained in world-class cooking throughout the day and night.
  • Lumiere Restaurant: the newest one-stop destination in Fujairah for healthy dining, catering to fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes, and health-conscious individuals. Located on the Ground Floor of Ibis Hotel-Fujairah, Lumiere offers nutritional information, calorie counts, and a variety of food combinations recommended by health nutritionist experts. Lumiere Restaurant is open from 09:00 to 23:30.

Duty-free shopping

The Fujairah International Airport features duty-free shops that are available for last-minute purchases whether you’re arriving or departing. Travelers can discover excellent pricing on a variety of items, from unique Oud cologne to fluffy toys for the young ones.

Please note that if you are buying smoking or alcoholic products, make sure to adhere to customs regulations regarding the allowable amounts.


Business class guests at Fujairah International Airport have access to the Siji lounge, a serene space designed for relaxation. The lounge provides various amenities, allowing guests to enjoy delicious snacks and beverages while engaging in conversations with friends and family.

Furthermore, all lounges and areas within the airport offer complimentary Wi-Fi services, ensuring that travelers can stay connected at all times. You can simply log in to the Wi-Fi network and start surfing, perhaps planning your next vacation to Fujairah right from the comfort of the lounge.

Lost and found

The dedicated service staff at Fujairah International Airport meticulously check both the terminal and plane after your landing. Hence, any lost items found are sent to the Lost and Found for you to reclaim.

You can contact the Customer Service Representative for assistance reconnecting with your belongings.

How to get to and from Fujairah International Airport?

Travelers can get to and from the Fujairah International Airport by availing of any of the following transportation options:

Car rental

When traveling through Fujairah, renting a car can be essential for quick and comfortable transportation between offices, hotels, and airports, ensuring you stay fresh for meetings while avoiding extreme heat. Here are the available car rental options.

  • Hertz: rent a car for quick and comfortable transportation between offices, hotels, and airports in Fujairah, staying fresh for meetings and avoiding extreme heat.
  • Diamond Lease: book with for the best prices on Diamond Lease car rentals, with the option to amend bookings for free and enjoy great savings.
  • Fast Rent A Car: experience a hassle-free car rental process with Fast Rent A Car, avoiding paperwork, confusing jargon, and hidden payment traps.

RTA Bus Fujairah/Dubai

You can utilize the RTA bus service for travel between Dubai and Fujairah, including access to Fujairah International Airport.

Metered taxi

Taxi services are also available for transportation to and from Fujairah International Airport. You can contact Fujairah Transportation Corp at +971 9 2244411 or +971 9 2244220.

For more information, please visit the official Fujairah International Airport website.


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