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Updated March 2024

Hail International Airport (IATA code: HAS), located in the central region of Saudi Arabia, plays a crucial role as a major transportation center for both local and international travelers. Its prime positioning amidst the captivating scenery of the Arabian Peninsula not only positions it as a crucial gateway but also enhances its attractiveness as a travel destination in its own right.

Continue reading as Wego guides you into the Hail International Airport, unveiling its unique features and the experiences it holds for travelers.

Hail International Airport overview

Hail Regional Airport, which opened in 1979, initially served the Hail region and its provinces. Over the years, the airport witnessed increased passenger traffic and aviation needs.

Steps to transform the airport into an international airport began in 2017 thanks to a decision made by the General Authority of Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia. Efforts were directed towards developing the facilities and improving the infrastructure to align the airport with international standards.

As it became an international airport, its capabilities expanded to become a significant hub for international flights, providing air transport services for domestic and international travelers. This transformation led to an increase in the number of airlines and destinations accessible from Hail Airport, including nearby Arab capitals and other international destinations.

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Hail International Airport code

Hail International Airport codes are HAS (IATA) and OEHL (ICAO).

Hail International Airport location

Hail Airport is located in the southern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, just 5 kilometers from the center of the Hail region.


Hail International Airport flight schedule

While Hail International Airport does not have an official website for checking flight schedules, you can conveniently access this information online. Websites such as Wego offer up-to-date flight schedules. To obtain the most current flight information, simply input your departure and destination (Hail) on Wego’s website.

Hail International Airport airlines

Hail International Airport serves passengers through a variety of airlines, including:

  • Arabia Airlines
  • Flydubai
  • Nesma Airlines
  • Nile Air
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Flynas
  • Adel Airlines
  • Jazeera Airways

These airlines offer flights to various destinations, such as:

  • Sharjah
  • Dubai
  • Arar Regional Airport
  • Hafr Al-Batin
  • Cairo
  • Jeddah
  • Madinah
  • Al-Ula
  • Tabuk
  • Qurayyat
  • Turaif
  • Al-Jouf
  • Rafha
  • Dammam
  • Riyadh

Hail International Airport facilities

Hail International Airport offers a range of modern facilities to cater to the needs of travelers. Here are some key facilities available at the airport:

Travel lounges

There are dedicated lounges for domestic and international travelers, with essential amenities like comfortable seating areas, restaurants, shops, and internet services.

Executive office lounge

A lounge is available for executive offices, providing exclusive services for VIPs and regional dignitaries, including meeting rooms and luxurious relaxation areas.

VIP arrival and departure lounges

Separate lounges are allocated for receiving and bidding farewell to VIPs, ensuring ease and comfort during travel and reception for these high-profile guests.

Helicopter landing pads

The airport has three dedicated helicopter landing pads, facilitating the landing and takeoff of helicopters.

Air ambulance landing pad

A dedicated landing pad is available to cater to emergency situations and host air ambulance flights, contributing to providing essential medical services in emergencies.

Aircraft parking

The airport has seven parking spaces for large and medium-sized aircraft to ensure sufficient space for accommodating various aircraft.

Aviation offices

Aviation offices are provided in the arrival hall, offering services related to reservations and aviation procedures for travelers.

Hail International Airport contact number

For any inquiries or assistance, you can reach Hail International Airport’s customer service at the following phone number: +966 1653 20120.



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