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The Saudi Ministry of Interior has unveiled a digital identity service for Hajj visa holders for the 2024 Hajj season, as reported by Wego. This initiative aligns with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, which emphasizes the importance of digital transformation.


The service, a result of collaborative efforts from various ministries and the Saudi Data and AI Authority, enables pilgrims to authenticate their identities electronically via the Absher and Tawakkalna platforms.

This groundbreaking initiative is designed to streamline the journey of the pilgrims, enhance the quality of services provided, and elevate their overall experience. By verifying their identities electronically, pilgrims can anticipate a more seamless process and efficient service delivery throughout their pilgrimage. This reflects the Kingdom’s commitment to harnessing technology to improve service provision.

The launch of the national identity service for pilgrims underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to upholding high service standards and spearheading digital transformation initiatives. By incorporating state-of-the-art technology, the authorities aim to surpass pilgrims’ expectations, ensuring a convenient, secure, and enriching pilgrimage experience. This move further reinforces the Kingdom’s global leadership in digital innovation.