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Updated July 2024

As the Hajj season 2025 is coming closer, many pilgrims around the world are looking forward to performing Hajj 2025 after its successful pilgrimage in the previous season. To be able to perform Hajj, all pilgrims need to obtain a Hajj visa.

Below is the complete information that Wego has gathered for you about the Hajj visa. Read further to know more.

What is a Hajj visa?

The Hajj visa is one of the most important documents that Hajj pilgrims need to be allowed to perform the Hajj. Hajj visas are valid for travel only in the vicinities of Jeddah, Makkah, and Madinah and for travel between these cities. Please note that these visas are not valid for work or residency. Unapproved travel outside these areas may result in immigration violations and penalties.

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Do I need a visa to perform Hajj 2025?

Yes. All pilgrims need a visa to perform Hajj. However, GCC nationals do not need a visa to travel to Saudi Arabia, although they would still need to obtain an official Hajj permit to perform the Hajj.

What are the requirements for a Hajj visa?

As the Hajj pilgrimage for 2025 is distant, no official requirements or rules have been announced yet. We will continue to monitor developments closely and update this page promptly as new information emerges. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

How do I apply for the Hajj visa?

As the Hajj pilgrimage for 2025 is still distant, official registration steps have not yet been announced. We will continue to monitor for any updates or official announcements regarding Hajj 2025 registration procedures and will provide timely information as it becomes available. Stay informed for the latest developments.

Hajj visa 2025 dates

After the completion of the recent Hajj pilgrimage and with no forthcoming dates announced yet, there is currently no information available regarding future Hajj 2025 schedules or registration details for pilgrims.

What is the fee for obtaining the Hajj visa?

The Hajj visa is 100% free for all pilgrims. However, there will be other costs for accommodation and flight bookings.


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