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Updated January 2024

India welcomes millions of tourists every year, thanks to its vast natural and cultural diversity. Most international travellers will need to obtain a visa before flying to India, as it allows visa-free entry and visa-on-arrival to very few categories of travellers. The India X visa is a route for foreign nationals of Indian origin to visit India for tourism purposes.

Keep reading to learn more about India’s X visa.

What is the India X visa?

India X Visa, also known as India entry visa, is a type of multiple-entry visa offered to persons of Indian origin along with certain categories of foreigners.

Holders of X visas can only travel in India; they are not allowed to undertake any kind of employment. The only exemption is minors or dependent children of Indian origin who are allowed to study till their 12th standard.

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India X visa types and validity

Please note that foreigners visiting India on a long-term X visa and planning to stay for more than 180 days need to register themselves with the Foreign Regional Registration Offices (FRRO)/Foreign Registration Office (FRO) in their area.

An entry (X) visa may be granted to a foreigner in the following cases.

X-1 visa

A Person of Indian Origin who does not possess an OCI card may be granted an X-1 visa for a period of five years at a time with a multiple-entry facility.

X-2 visa

Spouses and children of an Indian citizen/Person of Indian Origin/OCI cardholder (other than those who are registered as OCI cardholders) may be granted an X-2 visa for a period of five years at a time with a multiple-entry facility.

X-3 visa

Foreign nationals coming to join Auroville Foundation may be issued an X-3 visa for 5 years with three entries (long duration visa), 1 year with three entries (short duration visa), or 3 months with a single entry (short duration visa for volunteers).

Foreign nationals coming to join Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry, may be granted an X3 visa for a period of one year with a multiple-entry facility.

Foreign nationals coming to join the Missionaries of Charity, Kolkata, may be granted multiple-entry X-3 visas for an appropriate duration.

Foreign nationals coming to join temples for true and spiritual training may be granted multiple-entry X-3 visas for an appropriate duration.

Foreign Buddhist monks coming to India to join the Buddhist Monasteries/other Buddhist organizations for charity work may be granted multiple entry X-3 visas for a period of one year.

X-4 visa

Foreign nationals who own property in India may be granted multiple-entry X-4 visas for a period of one year.

X-5 visa

Diplomats/officials on a personal (non-official) visit to India may be granted ‘X-5’ visas for an appropriate duration taking into account the purpose of the visit.

X-5D visa

Ordinary passport-holding dependents of diplomats/officials assigned to India (including in the UN and non-UN international organizations) may be granted X-5D visas for an appropriate duration.

X-SP visa

Participants in international sports events and the officials (including the coach) of the sports teams (other than those who are engaged in commercial sports events in India on contract like Indian Premier League, Indian Soccer League, Indian Badminton League etc., with remuneration) may be granted X-SP visas of appropriate duration.

X-Misc visa

Foreign nationals applying for the X visa for a purpose which is not specifically covered under any visa category may be granted single-entry X-Misc visas for an appropriate duration.

India X visa application form

To apply for the India X visa, follow the below steps.

  • visit the official website of Indian Visa online
  • locate the “Regular/paper visa application” option positioned at the bottom of the webpage and click on it
  • complete the application form for each applicant separately, furnishing the details requested
  • select “Entry Visa” from the Visa Type dropdown. Submit the form
  • save the generated application ID as a reference number for further communications
  • the portal will then ask if you wish to proceed to appointment booking and payment.
    • if the applicant wishes to book their appointment online: they should select ‘Yes’. They can select the date and time slot at the concerned Indian mission and confirm their appointment. The system will then calculate the visa fee, service charge, etc. and proceed to e-payment
    • if the applicant wishes to book their appointment in person or an e-payment option is not available at the concerned Indian mission: they will have to visit the Indian mission to submit a printout of the completed application form and the supporting documents.

India X visa requirements

The required documents to obtain the India X visa are as follows:

  • properly filled-up online application form with the signature of the applicant
  • 2 recent passport size photos (51mm x 51mm) not older than three months, no uniform, with white background with dark dress and frontal view. Eyebrows should be visible. Ears, forehead chin to be completely visible in case of locals wearing qandoura. The background should be light blue. Clarity of the photo is very important – edited, blurred or unclear photos should not be accepted
  • original passport with photocopy of current and old passports with valid UAE residence visa page
  • documentary evidence for the entry visa

The supporting documents required for an India X visa vary depending on the type of visa you’re applying for. You can check the details of X visa requirements here.

India X visa processing time

India X visas are usually processed within 3 – 7 business days.

India X visa fees

The fee for an India X visa differs significantly depending on the country you’re applying from. It is, therefore, best to check its price on the website of the Indian embassy/consulate in your country.

India X visa extension

Those who are applying for an extension of the India X visa should keep the following documents ready:

  • a completed visa extension form
  • recent passport-size photographs
  • original passport
  • a copy of passport/visa/registration certificate
  • copy of valid and notarized lease/rent agreement, or a copy of C-Form from the Hotel, or a copy of recent electricity/telephone bill along with the letter from the landlord, towards proof of residence
  • copy of the marriage certificate along with a copy of the Indian passport and Indemnity Bond, or a copy of the birth certificate along with a copy of either parent’s Indian passport

The above documents should be submitted to the local FRO/FRRO office.

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