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Last updated 27 April 2021

Within the short span of a month, the daily caseload of COVID in Kerala has skyrocketed. The high numbers may have rung some alarm bells across the state, but the government has decided to deal with the situation steadily, without imposing any harsh lockdowns for now.

So what are the restrictions in place? What’s open and what’s not? Read on to find out.

Kerala lockdown

Despite an alarming increase in the state’s case count, the cabinet has declared that Kerala will not be going into lockdown. Instead, stricter curbs and measures will be resorted to, to keep the caseload in check and prevent the economy from coming to a standstill.

A weekend curfew has been introduced, whereby only essential services will be allowed to operate on Saturdays and Sundays.


What is allowed?

All shops and restaurants will be open till 7:30 PM. Home delivery and takeaway can continue till 9 PM.

Religious places too can stay open but should limit their crowds to 50 at a time.

Wedding ceremonies will be capped at 50 and funerals at 20. In both cases, registration on the COVID-19 Jagratha portal is a must.

During weekends, essential services will continue to be available.


What is closed to visitors/attendees?

The following venues will remain closed until further notice-

  • Cinema halls and theatres
  • Shopping malls
  • Gyms, sports complexes, and swimming pools,
  • Entertainment parks
  • Clubs, bars and outlets selling foreign liquor
  • All social, political, cultural and religious functions and gatherings

On the weekends, all shops except those selling essential goods/services will remain shut. The following entities must close their doors:

  • All educational institutions including music/art schools, and coaching institutions
  • All summer vacation camps
  • Dine-in at restaurants and eateries


Are offices open?

During the weekend curfew, only the following will be permitted to operate:

  • All state and central government offices and their autonomous bodies, corporations etc. dealing with emergency and essential services and Covid-19 containment and management duties
  • All industries/companies/organisations dealing with emergency and essential services, and requiring operations 24×7
  • telecom and internet service providers

All offices, factories and workplaces should strictly adhere to the COVID-19 safety protocols.

Government offices will function at 50% capacity.


Will transport facilities be available?


Public transport, private vehicles and taxis will not be affected by COVID restrictions.


Can you travel to/from Kerala during the weekend curfew?

On weekends, only those involved in essential and emergency services will be allowed to travel and will have to show valid ID cards and mandatory self-declaration informing the purpose of travel.


What is the Kerala e-Pass and who needs it?

Kerala government re-enforced the e-Pass requirement from 17 April. It is necessary for those who need to travel on weekends for essential services.

Follow these steps to receive your Kerala e-Pass.

  1. Open Kerala’s COVID-19 Jagratha portal.
  2. Hover on the ‘Citizen’ tab on the top menu.
  3. Under ‘Visitors Entry’, select the type of your visit depending on your departure destination and duration of stay.
  4. Enter your mobile number (and NORKA Registration Number, only in case of domestic entry) and verify yourself with an OTP.
  5. Fill in the details such as contact information, date of birth, ID number, etc. and submit your application.