We’ve all been there. Travelling with a friend, no matter how close you are, can reveal some super annoying traits and habits that only come to light on the road.

Have you travelled with any of these people? Or do you recognise yourself in Billy Budget or Ophelia Overdressed?


Saving money is great, but sometimes the grip on the wallet is sometimes a little too tight.


You’re probably never more in front of a camera than you are while travelling, so of course we all want to look our best. But then there’s that friend who wears strappy sandals on a trek, or a designer sundress when camping, or heels while walking miles of local markets on uneven ground.


He/she doesn’t shut up. They know everything about the destination you’re exploring and provides expert commentary at every turn, severely inhibiting your ability to spontaneously experience it for yourself. Eddy Expert can be so bad in fact that you may wonder why they bothered booking a flight in the first place!


You know this one. That friend who arrives at a destination and refuses to do anything exciting. You find yourself trying to get them excited about the day you’ve planned, or that great cafe you just found out about that you want to try. They could have stayed home really and watched TV. Why did they come?


You have your out of office message on your email, you’ve charged your mobile only for fabulous photo opportunities and emergencies really. But then you have Chris Connected who is just so important that the world can’t do without them for a couple of weeks, or even a few days. Their eyes don’t leave their screen and they tend to return home not remembering where they’ve been.

They may not be morning people, so you accept that you’ll likely be seeing that spectacular sunrise alone. But this can be one of the most frustrating traveller companion types. You’re always running for the gate at the airport, missing the bus connection for the market tour, or that limited opening time for an exhibition at a fab gallery. They’re always late. 
You love them, but they really are sooo precious. They’re allergic to everything – food, mosquitos, even the sun. Also the person in your group most likely to get food poisoning while everyone else is fine.

This friend can be super fun to travel with, but also slightly dangerous. Extreme Evan believes in adventure and can sometimes takes things too far. But who can resist a YOLO shoutout!