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Updated February 2024

The polio vaccination card is a document issued in Pakistan that serves as proof that a person has received the polio vaccine. It is essential to possess this card as it demonstrates that the individual has been immunized against polio, a highly contagious and potentially fatal disease.

Wondering how to apply for a polio vaccination card in Pakistan? Keep reading as Wego delves into the complete procedure of applying for a polio vaccine card online in Pakistan.

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Polio vaccination card in Pakistan

The polio vaccination card is an official document issued by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) in Pakistan, serving as evidence that an individual has been vaccinated against polio. This card plays a crucial role in public health as it demonstrates that the person has received the necessary immunization to protect them from polio, an extremely contagious viral infection that can lead to severe paralysis and even death.

The card contains essential information, such as the recipient’s name, date of birth, and the date of vaccination, providing a comprehensive record of the individual’s immunization history. The polio vaccination card is valid for one year from the date of vaccination.

Polio vaccination card in Pakistan online download

Regardless of whether you are required to have your polio vaccination card before your trip to Pakistan, please follow the given simplified steps:

  1. visit any government hospital or medical facility to get two polio drops
  2. after receiving drops of the polio vaccine, visit the National Immunization Management System portal
  3. select the “Other Vaccination” option and choose “Polio, Yellow Fever” on the webpage
  4. fill out all the required fields, including your CNIC number alongside ID card issue date
  5. choose “Oral Polio Vaccine” among the options for vaccination under the ‘Vaccine’ section
  6. add the provided digits and proceed by clicking “Verify”
  7. on the second page, provide your name as mentioned on your CNIC or Passport, enter your passport number, select your nationality, and click on “Verify”
  8. make a one-time payment of PKR 100
  9. once the charges have been transacted, click on “Continue”
  10. check the details and submit after inspecting the accuracy of the information supplied
  11. proceed to the “Certificate Download” Button to download the Polio Vaccination Card or Certificate


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