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Updated February 2024

Registering your device with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) plays a vital role in ensuring the lawful utilization of your mobile phone within the country. By taking this important step, you actively contribute to the prevention of illegal devices and counterfeit products, safeguarding Pakistan’s telecommunication infrastructure.

In this article, Wego delves into everything you need to know about PTA mobile registration in Pakistan.

PTA mobile registration

PTA stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, which is the government body that regulates the telecommunication sector in Pakistan. Mobile registration with PTA is a simple process that allows you to register your mobile device to prevent it from being blocked or confiscated. This registration is mandatory for all mobile devices that are either imported, purchased, or brought into Pakistan.

Failing to complete the registration process can result in your phone being blocked or restricted from accessing network services. It’s crucial to understand how to register your mobile phone with the PTA in Pakistan, check its International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), and comply with the regulations to ensure a secure telecom network.

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PTA mobile registration news

Overseas residents of Pakistan living in places like the UAE and other countries can now enjoy an uninterrupted four-month period of mobile phone usage when they return to Pakistan. They can use their personal phone without registering any tax/duty for 120 days from the date of their arrival in Pakistan.

PTA registration online


Applicants have the option to register their device online by visiting the Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System’s (DIRBS) website and following the registration process.

  • visit the DIRBS website and log in to your account.
  • click on “Temporary registration for overseas Pakistanis/Foreigners.”
  • provide all the required information, including the number of SIM slots on your device and the IMEI number.
  • you will receive a One-Time Password (OTP) on your given phone number and email. Enter the OTP in the designated field.
  • click on the “Submit” button to proceed with the registration.
  • your phone number will be successfully registered once the details have been verified.

When registering through the website, there are two important aspects to consider, depending on whether you are an international traveler or a local applicant in Pakistan:

  1. if you are coming to Pakistan from another country, you must complete the registration process for your mobile device within 60 days of your arrival. To do this, you will need to provide specific travel details, including your Passport Number, CNIC/NICOP (if applicable), and the SIM number issued on your passport/CNIC/NICOP. Additionally, you must furnish the IMEI of your device through the DIRBS system mechanism.
  2. for residents of Pakistan, the registration process is slightly different. You can register your mobile device by entering your CNIC and the SIM number issued on your CNIC. Just like international travelers, you will also need to provide the IMEI of your device using the DIRBS system mechanism.

Tourists who visit Pakistan for a period of fewer than 30 days are exempt from the obligation of registering their smartphones. Please note that registration can be done only after arrival at Pakistan.

PTA registration check

You can check the registration status of your mobile number with the PTA, and this can be done through three methods:

  1. SMS: Send your phone’s IMEI number to 8484 via SMS. You will receive a response indicating whether your device is registered, unregistered, or blocked. It is essential to fully comprehend the meaning of each response message before proceeding with the registration process.
  2. PTA website: Access the PTA website and locate the mobile phone registration section. Provide your IMEI number and check the registration status of your device.
  3. DVS app: Download the Device Verification System app in the Google Play Store and check the registration status of your mobile number

PTA registration fee

While there is no application fee for registering your mobile with PTA, it is essential to be aware that there may be taxes and duties applicable based on the make and model of your device.

PTA registration app

The Device Verification System (DVS) app, through which you can check the status of your PTA registration, can be found on the Google Play store. 

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