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Reviewed February 2024

Abroad, Filipino workers (OFWs) encounter various hurdles and prospects in their overseas employment. They require a dependable and easily reachable ally to assist them and their families. This led to the development of a digital application by the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) to enhance their lives and offer more fulfilling experiences. The OFW pass app serves as a gateway to a range of online services and benefits that OFWs can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Keep on reading as Wego explores all the essential information about the recently introduced DMW App.

What is OFW pass app?

The OFW pass app, also known as the DMW Mobile App, represents an innovative digital tool specially created for Overseas Filipino Workers.

Designed to cater to active OFWs with working contracts abroad or employers overseas, this app aims to serve their needs effectively. These include the following:

  • OFWs who are currently deployed.
  • First-time OFWs to be processed by the DMW through recruitment agencies or via direct hiring and/or government-to-government placement.
  • OFWs who have transferred to a different company or employer and have undergone the contract verification process by the Migrant Workers Office (MWO) or Office of the Labor Attache.
  • Balik-Manggagawa OFWs, or OFWs on vacation or emergency leave in the Philippines but will be returning to the same employer.

DMW app for OEC and OFW pass

In line with DMW’s mission, the DMW Mobile App has been developed as a contemporary solution to address the challenges of obtaining an OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate). With this app, there is no longer a requirement to visit the DMW office in the Philippines or any of the Philippine Migrant Workers’ Offices worldwide physically. The app streamlines the process of securing or renewing this essential document right from your mobile device.

DMW app has recently undergone a pilot launch in the Philippines on July 21, serving as an extensive mobile platform that provides crucial services, such as facilitating the acquisition of your OFW Pass. The primary objective is to enrich OFWs’ overall experience during their time working overseas.

With the option of the OFW Pass, OFWs can now easily obtain their required documentation using only the DMW app—unlike the OEC, which demands onsite processes at DMW.

OFW Pass: Everything You Need to Know About the Newly Launched Digital Pass for OFWs


DMW has explicitly stated that OECs will remain valid for the first two months after the OFW Pass launch. This decision primarily intends to support non-tech-savvy OFWs, allowing them ample time to transition smoothly to the digital application process.

OFW pass app download

To download the DMW App, you have the option to get it from either the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple Store for iOS devices. The app is available for free, so simply search for “DMW App” in the respective store, click on the download button, and the app will be installed on your device.

OFW pass app registration

Account creation for the OFW Pass app is exclusively possible using your e-Registration credentials. To create an account for the DMW Mobile Application, follow these steps:

  • visit the DMW Online Services Portal and click on “Let’s Go!” under e-Registration
  • proceed to the registration page and click on “Register”
  • carefully review the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, then accept the terms
  • provide all your personal information as per your valid passport and a valid email address
  • after completing the registration, check your registered email for a temporary password
  • use the temporary password to log in to your account and set a more secure password
  • open the DMW App, enter your e-Registration account credentials, and tap “Log In”
  • you will receive a notification to register your mobile number, tap “Register” to continue
  • enter your mobile number and tap “Next,” then submit the code sent to your mobile number
  • if successful, a confirmation message will appear on your screen; tap “Ok” to continue
  • review the Data Privacy policy, tick the box to accept, and tap “Accept”

Your registration process for the DMW App has been completed successfully. Now, you are officially registered as a user, granting you full access to the features and functionalities of the DMW Mobile Application.


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