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The Ministry of Interior in Qatar has announced a series of revisions to simplify and streamline the entry procedures for residents’ families, Wego reports. As part of the reforms, the ministry has introduced a new requirement for applications related to family entry. Residents looking to bring their families into the country must now submit applications through the Metrash2 app, providing a more efficient and convenient process.


The revised regulations provide specific conditions for bringing families for residency, differentiating between various categories of residents. For families of expatriates, the age limit for sons is set at 25 years, daughters must be unmarried, and children aged between 6 and 18 must be enrolled in schooling. Additionally, they are required to have health insurance for the entire duration of their stay.

Government and semi-government employees seeking to bring their families must either have family housing allocated by the employer or a minimum monthly salary of QAR 10,000, duly accredited with an employment contract. In the private sector, employees in technical roles must have a minimum salary of QAR 10,000 or QAR 6,000, family housing, and an employment contract.

Residents wanting to bring their families for a visit must meet certain conditions. The resident should have family accommodation, possess a minimum monthly salary of QAR 5,000, and work in a non-labor category. Visitors are also required to have health insurance for the duration of their stay and must be relatives of the applying resident within the allowed degrees of relation.

These reforms reflect the government’s commitment to facilitating family reunification while ensuring that entry requirements align with the country’s broader policies. The implementation of the Metrash2 app for application submissions is expected to enhance efficiency and contribute to a more streamlined and accessible system for residents and their families.

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