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Updated March 2024

During Ramadan, working hours and operating hours are typically reduced in Dubai and the UAE, leading to a more peaceful atmosphere. However, this changes during Iftar time when Muslims seek food and a place to break their fast.

For those looking for not only delicious food but also a beautiful setting to enjoy their evening meal, the Hai Ramadan Festival at Expo City Dubai could be the perfect option. Wego has noted down everything you need to know about the festival, including its dates, location, and timings.

Hai Ramadan Festival 2024 at Expo City Dubai

The 2024 Hai Ramadan Festival at Expo City Dubai is set to offer an enchanting journey across the Islamic world. The festival will take guests on a cultural tour starting from the classic Emirati communities and extending to the Levant, North Africa, South Asia, and the modern Arabian Gulf.

In addition to the cultural experience, guests can indulge in a variety of domestic and international food and drinks while breaking their fast and sharing a meal with loved ones during this sacred month.

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What to expect from Hai Ramadan 2024 at Expo City Dubai

The festival will present a diverse array of engaging activities and attractions designed to enrich your Ramadan journey. From cultural performances to art exhibitions, Hai Ramadan offers something for everyone to enjoy. Alongside the festivities, indulge in a delectable selection of cuisines that might entice you to spend considerable time at the event during Ramadan.

Iftar Cannon


As the sun dips below the horizon, marking the end of the day’s fast, the Iftar Cannon bursts into a spectacular show. It acts as a central gathering point for communities during the sacred month, welcoming people from various backgrounds to join in breaking the fast together.

Admission to the event is free, and it takes place at Al Wasl Plaza. All ages are welcome, making it a family-friendly activity. Keep in mind that the event timings will vary each day depending on the sunset.

Stage Show Rashid and Latifa Quest to Find the Moon


This Ramadan, Rashid and Latifa are seeking assistance to restore the light of the moon and uncover the true essence of the Holy Month! This delightful family-friendly production guarantees entertainment for kids and grown-ups alike as we discover that Ramadan encompasses much more than abstaining from food and drink. Witness this heartwarming tale unfold with a captivating blend of visuals, live performances, and engaging characters.

Admission is included in Hai Ramadan tickets, and the event takes place at the Al Wasl Plaza Stage. All ages are welcome, making it an ideal activity for families.

Children’s workshops

A diverse range of Ramadan-themed activities will rotate during the festival period, providing children with an engaging and interactive learning experience about different aspects of Ramadan. Workshop areas, both free and paid, will offer activities suitable for children of all ages. Participants can immerse themselves in this enriching experience that blends education with enjoyment.

Timing: 17:00 – 00:00
Admission: Free with available upgrade options.

Dining experience

Ramadan is a time for community, and there’s no better place to experience this than at Expo City. Here, visitors can break their fast with a post-sunset meal, served from over 20 outlets and food carts. One highlight is the specially curated iftar at the Surreal water feature in Expo City Dubai, priced at AED 220 for adults and AED 95 for children. This unique setting allows diners to enjoy their meal while admiring the stunning water attraction.

For those seeking family-friendly iftars, the newly opened Oasis Food Hall is a fantastic option, with iftar starting at AED 150 for adults and AED 90 for children. Additionally, Al Wasl Plaza Cafe offers a unique iftar and suhoor menu, providing a variety of dining experiences throughout Ramadan.

Other activities

In addition to the highlights mentioned above, visitors can expect the following:

  • world’s biggest inflatable obstacle course
  • retail market
  • arcade games, including classics like bumper cars, as well as trampolines

Hai Ramadan Festival 2024 dates & location

According to the website for the Hai Ramadan Festival, the festival is scheduled to take place from 11 March to 10 April 2024, pending confirmation upon the sighting of the moon. 

The festival will take place at Al Wasl Plaza, Expo City Dubai. Visitors can easily access the location via metro, bus, taxi, or car. For a more precise location of the expo, refer to the map below.

Hai Ramadan Festival 2024 timings

The festival timings are from 5 pm to midnight every day.

Hai Ramadan Festival 2024 ticket price

The admission fee to the festival is AED 20. Some activities and workshops may have added associated charges or fees. Children aged 6 and above are required to pay the entry fee, while those aged 5 and below can enter for free.


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