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Dubai will welcome visitors from every corner of the globe as it brings forth the world’s biggest event since the pandemic and finally unveils its gleaming pavilions in the desert.

Keep reading to know more about the events and shows you simply cannot miss.

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How long is Expo 2020 going to run for?

Dubai Expo 2020 is scheduled to run from 1 October 2021 and will go on until 31 March 2022.


Events at the Expo 2020 Dubai

While the 190-plus pavilions will be chief among the attractions for people who visit the Dubai South site, Expo 2020 will stage hundreds of events over its course. Here are a few events recommended by us that you might want to put on your must-visit list:

Special events

A Musical Halloween (31 October 2021)

Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre – The Halloween musical celebration is one of many special events marking the Expo six-month run. The spooky season will be made even creepier by looking back on some of the most terrifying tunes, from Phantom of the Opera to Thriller.

Golden Jubilee (3 November  – 4 December 2021)

Since the Expo 2020 Dubai coincides with the UAE golden jubilee, the expo will also celebrate UAE’s journey over the past 50 years to commemorate this event. It will also portray the nation’s vision for a global future.

Diwali (4 – 6 November 2021)

The expo will celebrate the beautiful festival of lights each evening from 4 – 6 November. There will be performances inspired by Diwali featuring several popular artists.

Arabic Language Day (18 December 2021)

Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre –This program will focus on celebrating the roots and heritage of the Arabic language cherished by over 422 million all over the world.

Christmas (20 December – 28 December 2021)

Throughout the districts, visitors can enjoy live performances, Christmas carols and festive surprises. Al Wasl Plaza will transform into a magical winter wonderland with a unique show every evening.

New Year’s Eve (31 December 2021)

The New Years Eve celebration will be filled with lights, music, dance, projections and stunning fireworks you don’t want to miss.

Valentine’s Day (14 February 2022)

Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre –This show celebrates love as the engine of the world.

Haq Al Laila (18 March 2022)

Al Forsan Park – Haq Al Laila “For This Night” takes place on the of 15th Shabban, the eighth month of the Islamic calendar, in anticipation of the coming month of Ramadan. Expo will celebrate Haq Al Laila to promote the values of giving and sharing among children and families.

Mother’s Day (21 March 2022)

Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre – Expo 2020 will also mark Mother’s Day with a number of special events, including an engaging live show on the phenomenal role and influence of motherhood.

World Poetry Day (21 March 2022)

Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre – The Expo celebrates World Poetry Day by collaborating with homegrown and international renowned spoken word artists. It will also feature multiple languages and mediums.


Notable daily and regular events

  • Global Awakening: Daily at 9:00 at Al Wasl Plaza’s Garden
  • Expo Young Stars: Every week (timings – 11:15, 12:15, 13:15) Sunday to Thursday from January 2021 to March 2022 at Al Wasl Plaza.
  • Music in the Garden: Daily at 15:00 with live music performances at Al Wasl Plaza’s Garden and surrounding areas.
  • Interactive Experience: Every evening (Thursday to Saturday) at Al Wasl Plaza’s Garden.
  • Awakening of Al Wasl: Daily after sunset at Al Wasl Plaza.

Video courtesy of Duha Haj Yahya

Other events going on around the site

Since every participating country will have its own theme pavilion, visitors will be engulfed in unique architecture, culture and inspiring innovations from all over. To know more about ongoing and future events, you may consult the Expo 2020 Dubai Events Calendar.