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The Ministry of Culture in Saudi Arabia has launched Cultural Universe, a metaverse technology-based platform offering an immersive journey through the Kingdom’s heritage, as reported by Wego. The platform takes visitors from the founding of Saudi Arabia in 1727 to the present, exploring various aspects of Saudi culture, including arts, architecture, design, heritage, theater, cinema, food, libraries, visual arts, and literature.

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Cultural Universe stands out with its emphasis on customization and user experience. Users can create personalized avatars, control their movements, and tailor the graphics and language settings. The platform offers a 360-degree view, immersing users in the cultural tapestry of Saudi Arabia.

Cultural Universe not only allows visitors to explore cultural landmarks and artistic creations but also offers an educational component. This aspect provides insights into the Ministry of Culture’s efforts to preserve and promote Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural legacy, enhancing users’ understanding.

This innovative platform is a big step in using metaverse technology for cultural exploration. It offers a special and exciting way for people around the world to discover the diverse aspects of Saudi culture, encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of its history and traditions.