Shab e-Barat, also called Mid-Sha’ban, Barat Night and Shab-e-Raat, is essentially the night of atonement. Since it is a very significant and devout occurrence for the Muslim community worldwide, it is observed every year with great faith.

As we draw nearer to the commemoration of this occasion, here are the dates, calendar and guide by Wego to celebrate Shab e-Barat 2025. 

Shab e-Barat 2025 date

The precise date of Shab e Barat has yet to be formally established. However, based on current estimations and calculations, it is widely anticipated that this event will fall on Friday, 14 February 2025. While it is important to note that this date remains subject to change pending the official announcement from relevant authorities.

Please note that we will keep you updated regarding any recent announcements related to the specific date of Shab e-Barat and corresponding protocols or guidelines as they become available.

Shab e-Barat 2025 Islamic date

Shab-e-Barat, or the night of forgiveness, is observed every year on the night between the 14 and 15 of Shaban or the eighth month in the Islamic calendar.

How is Shab e-Barat celebrated by Muslims worldwide?

Celebrated all over South and Central Asia, including countries such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and more, Shab-e-Barat, also known as the Night of Forgiveness, is a significant observance for Muslims worldwide.

During Shab-e-Barat, devotees all over the world gather in Mosques to offer special prayers and pray for the entire night. The Holy Quran is recited until dawn, and spiritual songs are sung all through the night of Shab-e-Barat.  The Muslim community members also follow the tradition of visiting their loved ones’ graves on this day to seek forgiveness for their deceased families.

Devotees are further encouraged to donate money, clothes and other goods to the poor or needy in the name of their deceased family members. In some cultures, Muslims prepare and share special food items during Shab-e-Barat, including sweet dishes, desserts, or traditional meals that are distributed among family, friends, and neighbours as a way of fostering community and spreading joy.

History and significance of Shab e-Barat

As per the Hadeeth (sayings of Prophet Muhammad), Shab-e-Barat is considered a night when Allah determines the fortunes of human beings for the year ahead. It is believed that the doors of mercy and pardon are wide open on this night, and people can approach Allah for His infinite mercy.

That is why the Shab e-Barat is a night full of blessings for all Muslims, and this night has unique characteristics that Muslims need to observe:

  1. Tasqeem-e-umur: death and birth, happiness and sadness, victory and defeat.
  2. Faizaan e Bakhshish: granting of forgiveness
  3. Nazool e Rahmat: blessing
  4. Qabool e Shifaat: acceptance of intercession
  5. Fazeelat e Ibaadat: the greatness of worship

Have a blessed future. Shab-e-Barat Mubarak!



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