No, I’m not talking about sleeping in a lush first class cabin on a plane. In the Dolomite Mountains (Monte Piana) of Italy, each year thrill-seekers gather to sleep under the stars, in hammocks, hundreds of feet up in the air! The International Highline Meeting festival involves stringing yourself up on a slack line (like a tightrope but slack so it can sway and bounce) between a couple of mountains, sleeping, singing, chatting and generally hanging out.

It only costs 30 Euro so it’s one of the more affordable options for accommodation in Italy, and the price gives you access to lines (naturally), a tent location, breakfast, cutlery and cups, a festival t-shirt, and yes, insurance for the whole event (!) Attendees are entertained with free music jams each evening, an outdoor cinema and Picture of the Day photo contest with prizes that includes free flights. Daily morning yoga workshops are also on offer which we can only imagine would be desperately required after clinging to a hammock in the middle of the night. Well, for this writer anyway.

But these are extremely talented people. Apart from great flexibility and a whole lot of guts, many who attend regularly walk tightropes, climb tall things or partake in some kind of aerial acrobatics and enjoy the challenge of being high in the air a long way away from solid ground. Admittedly the views don’t get any better than this and you’d get the best selfies ever, but wow, only adventurous spirits need apply!

Incredible images courtesy of AntiGravity Photography and Giordano Garosio