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Recently, the Thailand government has scraped some of their travel restrictions to welcome all the international travellers to enjoy their marvelous travel destination. If you wish to travel to Thailand with Visa on Arrival, we have gathered all the necessary information for you to read before applying for Thailand Visa on Arrival.

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Thailand Visa on Arrival countries list

Currently, Thailand VoA is available for travellers from these 18 countries below:

  • Bulgaria
  • Bhutan
  • China
  • Cyprus
  • Ethiopia
  • Fiji
  • Georgia
  • India
  • Kazakhstan
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Nauru
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Romania
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Taiwan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Vanuatu

Thailand Visa on Arrival requirements

  • Your passport must be valid for at least 30 days from the date of arrival and have at least 1 page available for Visa Stamp.
  • You must be a citizen of one of the 18 nationalities deemed eligible for E-VoA facility as per the Immigration Bureau of Thailand’s requirement
  • Your confirmed air ticket must show a round trip for no longer than 15 days
  • Your full trip accommodation address in Thailand should be verifiable
  • You should have sufficient means of living to support your stay in Thailand (minimum THB 10,000 or USD 290,96/person, 20,000 Baht or USD 581,93 per family).
  • Paid AQ or SHA+ hotel confirmation (at least 1 night)
  • Medical insurance with minimum coverage USD 50,000

Required documents

  • Passport cover page (click here for the specification)
  • Passport bio page (click here for the specification)
  • Departure and return airline tickets
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Photograph size 4×6 cm. (click here for the specification)

Thailand Visa on Arrival application process

Fill out the application form in the website

The first step of the E-VoA application is to register on the VFS website. You have to provide all the requested information and upload the necessary documents. If you are applying for a minor, it may be necessary to upload additional documents such as birth certificate.

In case you need to provide additional documents, you need to do it at least 3 days prior to arrival for regular visa and at least within 24 hours of arrival for express visa.

Important notes:

  • In this step, you will have to select the country as per the passport that you hold. If you have dual nationality, you must select the nationality of the passport that you will use for your travel.
  • The passport that you use for the application must be the same as the one you will use while travelling to Thailand. If different, then your E-VoA will be invalid.
  • Your passport should be valid for at least 30 days from your date of arrival to Thailand. The passport should have at least 1 blank page for stamping by the Thai Immigration Officer
  • The only travel document that can be used in the E-VOA application process is your regular passport. Other travel documents are not acceptable for E-VoA application.
  • Each traveller must obtain an individual E-VoA, including infants and children. The E-VOA applications can be created either for a single individual or for a family (minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 applicants).
  • During your E-VoA application, make sure that the information provided by you matches exactly with the information on your passport, otherwise your E-VoA will be invalid and you will not be eligible for a refund. Once the E-VoA is processed, the information provided cannot be changed.
  • The E-VoA application has no connection with Thailand Embassies or Consulate General. For any questions or comments, feel free to contact the E-VOA Support Desk.
  • Please note that in order to have a seamless process for your Thailand E-VOA application, you will need a stable working internet connection. In the event of your connection being unstable, an error message will be prompted for security reasons.

Pay the visa fee online

After you have submitted all the required information, you will have to make the fee payment through the Payment gateway. A MasterCard, Visa card, Union Pay credit/debit card or WeChat or Alipay can be used to pay your visa fee. It is not necessary for the card to be under your name. Make sure that your card has “3D Secure System” and is enabled to make international transactions.

Download the E-VOA receipt

If the fee payment is successful, and your application is processed with a pre-approved E-VoA code, you will receive a .pdf file with the decision. You could download and print your E-VoA for your reference. We also recommend that you keep a copy of the .pdf file on your mobile phone.

You can also apply for the Express visa service on the VFS website to get your E-VoA faster. However, an additional fee is required if you need your E-VoA within 24 hours to help you travel at short notice to Thailand.

Show your passport at immigration

As soon as you arrive in Thailand with the pre-approved E-VoA, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the Visa on Arrival area in the immigration area and enter the dedicated E-VoA lane.
  • Present your passport to the officer.
  • Get the final immigration approval and enter Thailand.

Thailand Visa on Arrival immigration checkpoints

Here is the list of Immigration Checkpoints which provide facilities for the issuance of Visa on Arrival:

1. Suvarnabhumi Airport
2. Don Muang International Airport , Bangkok
3. Chiangmai International Airport , Chiangmai
4. Phuket International Airport , Phuket
5. Hatyai International Airport , Songkhla
6. U Tapao Airport , Rayong
7. Mae Sai Immigration Checkpoint, Chiangrai
8. Chiang Saen Immigration Checkpoint, Chiangrai
9. Chiang Khong Immigration Checkpoint, Chiangrai
10. Betong Immigration Checkpoint, Yala
11. Sadoa Immigration Checkpoint, Songkhla
12. Samui Airport , Surat Thani
13. Sukhothai International Airport, Sukhothai
14. Bangkok Harbour Immigration Checkpoint, Bangkok
15. Sri Racha Immigration Checkpoint , Chonburi
16. Mabtaput Immigration Checkpoint , Rayong
17. Nong Khai Immigration Checkpoint, Nong Khai
18. Samui Immigration Checkpoint , Surat Thani
19. Phuket Immigration Checkpoint , Phuket
20. Satun Immigration Checkpoint , Satun
21. Krabi Immigration Checkpoint , Krabi
22. Songkhla Harbour Immigration Checkpoint , Songkhla
23. Chiangrai Airport Immigration Checkpoint, Chiangrai
24. Surat Thani Airport Immigration Checkpoint , Surat Thani
25. Pattaya Immigration Checkpoint, Chonburi
26. Klong Yai Immigration Checkpoint, Trat
27. Pong Nam Ron Immigration Checkpoint, Trat
28. Aranyaprathet Immigration Checkpoint, Aranyaprathet
29. Mukdaharn Immigration Checkpoint, Mukdaharn
30. Tak Immigration Checkpoint, Tak
31. Padag Besar Immigration Checkpoint, Songkhla
32. Sungai Kolok Immigration Checkpoint, Sungai Kolok

Thailand Visa on Arrival cost

The E-VoA will cost you around THB 2000 or USD 58,19 with the service fee around THB 500 or USD 14,55. If you wish to get an express E-VoA service, the visa fee will be the same but you will only be charged THB 2500 or USD 72,74 for the service fee.

Thailand Visa on Arrival processing time

The processing time of the E-VoA is usually between 24 and 72 hours.  If your application has exceeded five business days, you can contact the VFS through their e-mail account [email protected]

Thailand Visa on Arrival extension

Unfortunately, the visa on arrival can only be extended to 7 days at the Thai Immigration office. Should you wish to stay for a month more, then you may do a border run twice, each entry you will get 15 days or exit the country by land and reenter by air to get another 30-day stamp.

Thailand Visa on Arrival validity

Passport holders from the 18 eligible countries and territories may apply for visas at the immigration checkpoints on arrival for the purpose of tourism and will be granted to stay in Thailand for a period not exceeding 15 days.

The pre-approved E-VoA is valid only on the arrival date as stated in the application form.

Visitors who enter the Kingdom with Visa on Arrival generally cannot file an application for an extension of stay, except in special cases of illness which prevent them from travelling. In this case, the application can be submitted to the Office of the Immigration Bureau.


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