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Updated August 2023

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is taking bold steps towards realizing its futuristic Saudi Vision 2030 with the development of The Line, a revolutionary city that prioritizes livability and sustainability. This ambitious project is being brought to life through the groundbreaking designs showcased at The Line Exhibition in Riyadh.

Join us as Wego explores the innovative concepts and revolutionary ideas presented at this exhibition, and discover how The Line is redefining urban living for the future.

The Line Exhibition in Saudi

The Line Exhibition in Saudi Arabia offers an exceptionally immersive and captivating experience, taking visitors on an unparalleled journey. This unique edition promises firsthand insights into cutting-edge urban planning and architectural features that redefine the concept of livability within The Line. Attendees will gain a profound understanding of NEOM’s diverse sectors and the seamless integration of people and technology with the surrounding natural landscapes.


Breaking away from conventional cities, The Line introduces a revolutionary approach, operating entirely on 100% renewable energy and prioritizing the well-being of its residents over transportation and infrastructure. This visionary design encompasses a city that is 200 meters wide, stretches an impressive 170 km in length, and soars 500 meters above sea level. With a modest footprint of 34 square km, The Line’s minimal impact conserves an impressive 95% of NEOM‘s land, championing environmental sustainability.

The Line Exhibition in Saudi: A Glimpse Into Saudi Arabia’s Futuristic Vision


The Line Exhibition in Saudi location

The Line Exhibition 2023 is being held at the Diriyah Biennale Foundation for Contemporary Art, located in the vibrant JAX district of Diriyah, Riyadh. This prestigious venue is the perfect setting for showcasing the groundbreaking designs and innovative concepts of The Line, a revolutionary city being developed by NEOM in Saudi Arabia.

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The Line Exhibition in Saudi theme

The theme of The Line Exhibition revolves around the visionary concept of ‘Zero Gravity Urbanism,’ aiming to accommodate nine million residents in this future city. Through the vertical layering of city functions, inhabitants are empowered to move effortlessly in three directions – upward, downward, and across the cityscape.


This innovative approach ensures swift mobility throughout, granting easy access to workplaces, schools, parks, and residential areas, all within a mere five-minute walk. With its unique modular design, THE LINE promises an extraordinary living experience that seamlessly blends convenience, efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

The Line Exhibition in Saudi dates

The Line Exhibition dates have been a delight for visitors, spanning over an extended period of six months. Initially scheduled to conclude on April 29, the exhibition has been so well-received that it has been extended well into the summer, now ending on 19 August 2023.

To accommodate the overwhelming interest, the event offers extended viewing hours. Visitors are welcome from Sunday to Wednesday between 9 am to 11 pm, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 am to midnight, and Fridays from 3 pm to midnight. This popularity has granted Riyadh residents the exciting opportunity to enjoy this captivating showcase for a few more months, making it an even more unforgettable experience.

The Line Exhibition in Saudi price

Attending The Line Exhibition in 2023 is a complimentary experience, with no admission fee required. To secure a spot at the exhibition, visitors need to book tickets through the Halayalla website. The process is simple; just select the preferred date, time slot, and the number of tickets required. Once booked, a confirmation email containing the digital ticket for the event will be sent to the registered email ID, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free entry to the captivating showcase.


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