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According to a report from Wego, Turkey has recently implemented a revised visa process specifically tailored for Saudi Arabian citizens intending to visit the country. This new e-Visa system is exclusively applicable for tourism or commercial purposes and does not cover other types of visits like work or student visas.

For Saudi residents, this Turkey e-Visa comes with the benefit of multiple entries, allowing stays of up to 90 days within 180 days. The fee for this visa stands at USD 60 or SAR 225.03.

To acquire this electronic visa, applicants must furnish their personal particulars and settle the visa fee through a designated credit or debit card. The visa application can be done at the official website of Turkey e-Visa.

Once the application is successfully processed, the e-Visa can be obtained by either downloading it from the final stage of the application page or receiving it via email. While border control officers have access to the e-Visa system, travelers are strongly advised to keep a printed or digital copy on hand in case technical issues arise.

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