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In recent times, technological advancements and government provisions have significantly improved the accessibility of Haj for Indians, making the spiritual journey more attainable. As part of an ongoing effort to streamline this process, Union Minority Affairs Minister Smriti Irani has introduced the Haj Suvidha App and unveiled this year’s Haj guidelines, reports Wego.

According to the authorities, the Haj Suvidha App is designed to enhance the spiritual journey by providing access to training modules, flight details, accommodation options, emergency helplines, and health-related information.


During the app launch meeting, Irani emphasized how the government’s feedback mechanism, which entails gathering direct responses from pilgrims, has continuously improved the overall quality of the pilgrimage experience. This strategy guarantees a pilgrimage that is not only safer but also more transparent, uniform, and cost-effective for the participants. 

Additionally, Smriti Irani has launched the 2024 Haj Guide, aimed at assisting pilgrims in grasping essential aspects of their pilgrimage. It aims to enlighten and educate them about the significance of various elements, offering guidance on maximizing their journey through the Haj Suvidha App.

In order to cater to a diverse audience, the guide will be available in ten different languages, including Hindi, English, Urdu, Tamil, Kannada, and Bengali. This inclusive approach ensures that a wide range of pilgrims can access information in a language that suits their preferences, thereby fostering a more inclusive and accessible pilgrimage experience.

The training of trainers 

During the event, Smriti Irani launched the Training of Trainers programme, which saw participation from over 550 trainers representing various states and Union Territories. The objective of this training is to inform and educate trainers who will be responsible for guiding pilgrims through the various processes of the pilgrimage.

In an initiative to enhance individual attention for pilgrims, the number of trainers has been increased. The previous ratio of trainers per pilgrim was 1:300, and it has now been improved to 1:150. This adjustment will result in each trainer providing double the attention to each pilgrim, aiming to improve the overall pilgrimage experience.

In addition, the Minority Affairs Minister highlighted the considerable progress achieved by the Modi government in streamlining the Haj pilgrimage process. The anticipated game-changing role of the Haj Suvidha App was also emphasized. 

Irani further pointed out the government’s initiative enabling Muslim women to partake in Haj without a Mahram. Notably, last year saw more than 4300 women successfully completing Haj without a Mahram, and this year’s projections indicate a rise to over 5160 women participating in the pilgrimage without a Mahram.