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Updated March 2024

Haj is a significant pilgrimage in Islam to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, obligatory for every adult Muslim who can physically and financially undertake it. The Indian government is taking various measures to make the Haj process transparent, uniform, cost-effective, safe, and spiritually fulfilling. 

Keep reading to learn more about the Haj Suvidha app with Wego.

What is the Haj Suvidha App? 

The Haj Suvidha App is a user-friendly application developed by BISAG-N under the guidance of the Union Minister for Minority Affairs, Smriti Irani. The app utilizes the latest digital technology to provide quintessential information and direct access to various services like training modules, flight details, accommodation, emergency helpline, and health at the fingertips of the Pilgrims. 

The Haj Suvidha application was launched with the release of the Haj Guide-2024 on 3 March 2024. Irani emphasized the use of the Haj Suvidha App in the newly published Haj Guide-2024, which will be distributed in ten languages to all Haj pilgrims.

First-time Haj performers can benefit from the user-friendly interface of the Haj Suvidha app, which simplifies the process of arranging travel logistics and securing documents.

What is the purpose of the Haj Suvidha application?

The purpose of the Haj Suvidha application is essentially to facilitate the spiritual journey by providing access to crucial information such as flight details, accommodation options, emergency helplines, and health-related information.

The application will include training modules to help Haj pilgrimage trainers educate themselves further, ensuring a fulfilling pilgrimage experience by enhancing pilgrims’ awareness of different aspects of the journey.

Where can you download the Haj Suvidha application? 

The Haj Suvidha application will soon be made available for download on your phone’s application download store.

Please note that we will update more information as and when released by the officials.


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