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Updated December 2022

With the World Cup 2022 being the most anticipated event this year, Qatar has become the most desired destination for tourists and football lovers with plans on staying and enjoying the World Cup 2022 festivities.

While Qatar will be opening its borders soon to the world, World Cup-specific rules concerning entry and visa requirements will also be implemented for millions of football fans from across the globe.

Effective today, Qatar’s Ministry of Interior has announced that Qatari citizens and GCC residents will be allowed to enter the country without a Hayya card. Only non-GCC tourists and visitors attending the World Cup matches will require the Hayya card.

For football lovers eager to head to Qatar and cheer for their favourite team, we have gathered information about Qatar’s visa requirements for the end-of-year event. Keep reading to find out more about the World Cup visa.

Can I travel to Qatar for the World Cup?

Yes, you can travel to Qatar for the World Cup. Qatar currently welcomes international travellers from a majority of countries but has introduced certain requirements for the duration of the World Cup.

The Qatari authorities have announced the suspension of entry for visitors into the country from 1 November until 23 December 2022. Only Hayya Card holders, Qatari citizens, and holders of a residence permit will be allowed entry during this period.

Will I need a World Cup visa to enter Qatar?

The state of Qatar will not be issuing standard visit visas between 1 November 2022 and 23 January 2023. Instead, those looking to enter Qatar will first have to obtain the Hayya Card as well as match tickets in order to be admitted into the country. Non-ticket holders can only enter after 2nd December 2022. For all intents and purposes, the Hayya Card will serve as the World Cup visa as well as an entry permit for anyone wishing to enter Qatar during the tournament.

After this period, those entering Qatar via eligible countries can receive a visa on arrival. Nationals from over 80 countries can enter Qatar visa-free while 95 countries are eligible for the Qatar visa on arrival.

Fan Visa for Hayya Card holders

Qatari authorities are continuously providing newer and better ways of facilitating entry into the country. In terms of visas, fans who are looking to attend these matches now have an additional option in the form of the newly launched Fan Visa.

All visitors who have entered the country prior to 1 November 2022 through any type of visit visa reserve the option of converting their visit visa into a Fan Visa if they have a Hayya Card. This latest initiative by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) is meant to facilitate visitors holding the Hayya Card looking to attend the World Cup Qatar 2022.

To take a closer look at Fan Visa Qatar; its eligibility, fees, as well as validity period, you can check out our dedicated article below:

World Cup visa application

As mentioned, the Hayya Card will serve as your visa for the World Cup. To get your Hayya Card, ensure that you have:

  • Completed your ticket purchase
  • Confirmed your accommodation
  • Applied for the Hayya Card via or the mobile application (available on both iOS and Android)

However, please note that those planning on staying in nearby countries can obtain their Hayya Card without a hotel booking. All they need to do is provide their day trip details which typically involve shuttle flight bookings through the Hayya portal or Hayya app.

If you would like to learn more about the Hayya Card, you can check out our dedicated article below:

Hayya Card: What to Know About the Permit for Qatar World Cup 2022

What else do I need to prepare?

Apart from the Hayya Card, you will need to prepare the following to allow you to visit Qatar and enter the stadiums.

Secure your World Cup match tickets

Travellers can purchase match tickets online through FIFA’s official ticket portal. The online Last Minute Sales Phase is now open and will run until the end of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on 18 December. We recommend that football fans get their desired tickets (subject to availability) as soon as the sales phase begins, as tickets will likely sell out rapidly.

For a detailed explanation of how you can purchase your tickets, please refer to our World Cup tickets article.

World cup visas from other countries

World Cup visa KSA

Saudi Arabia has launched a special multiple-entry visa for Hayya Card holders that even allows them to perform Umrah for free. Please check out our dedicated article below to learn more about Saudi’s Multiple Entry Tourist Visa for World Cup fans.

Saudi Multiple Entry Tourist Visa for World Cup Fans: How to Apply for the Free e-Visa?

World Cup visa UAE

As a show of support for Qatar, the UAE government has announced a multiple-entry visa for all World Cup fans with Hayya cards at a discounted rate. Please check out our dedicated article below if you want to learn more about UAE’s Multiple Entry Tourist Visa for World Cup fans.

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