Believe that they’re without flaws

So you think you’ve finally found the one. Your partner is perfect and nothing short of a gift from the stars themselves. They know you inside and out, you keep no secrets from each other, and you’re convinced your bond has resulted in at least some form of low-level telepathic abilities. How else could they possibly know you so well?

Unfortunately, the reality is that we all have some hidden annoying traits. You might not live with your partner, and going from frequently meeting throughout the week to spending all your time together can be quite a drastic shift. You learn he cuts his toenails and leaves them floating in the toilet. He finds out you have to spend at least thirty minutes in the shower every day and then another forty-five minutes getting ready.

Even if you have been living together, someone might behave very differently on vacation then they do on another regular day. You’ll find out that travelling in a different country is vastly different from the rhythms of everyday life.

Learn to get comfortable with your partner’s quirks and habits. Communication is critical, and sometimes you just have to hold your tongue and deal with it, or hash it out and get your point across.

Spend all your time together

You wake up in the morning to their beautiful face staring back at yours. You leave the hotel hand-in-hand. Your share everything from your copious wefies in front of every iconic site to your dripping ice-cream cones.

Who else would you want to spend all your time with? You thought you had an intimate relationship before? Well, now you’re practically joined at the hip! Is it just you or is it getting a bit claustrophobic around here?

Travelling together allows you the opportunity to spend quality time with your partner. It’s a time to grow together and not apart. You’ll be making treasured memories to look back on in the years to come.

Nonetheless, try to be flexible with giving each other space when needed. A little personal time for reflection is just as essential as all the time you’ll spend together. You might decide to spend alternate days together, or every third evening exploring the city alone.

It’s your way or the highway

Travelling with another person is bound to result in more than a few clashing interests. You might desire to spend more time at the British Museum, but he’s decided that that’s enough old stuff for the day and would rather go to the Tate Modern in search of his favourite abstract paintings.

Well, what can you do? You’ve been dreaming about the Elgin Marbles ever since your undergraduate days. Does he genuinely expect you to give up your chance at carefully observing these sculptures and friezes that were originally part of the Parthenon? What’s so good about Picasso’s deformed faces anyway?

We are all individuals. Keep an open mind about your partner’s preferred activities and interests. You might surprise yourself and find something new to bond over. Who knows? You might decide that cubist art is your thing, after all.

Now you can always choose to insist on your way and send him packing, but compromise is necessary for making sure that both parties are satisfied with day’s plans… that is if you’re the kind to plan at all.

Leave planning until the last minute

When you have ample time to plan, you’ll get to discuss your preferences and travelling styles beforehand. Are you the type to research a detailed itinerary before you leave the hotel in the morning? Or do you prefer to roam the streets free and easy?

You will also get to figure out if there are specific sites or locations you both want to prioritise and visit together. You both want to watch a play at Shakespeare’s Globe. But which play? Planning gives you time to mull over your decisions and decide on your activities.

There’s nothing worse than dragging your feet to a location just because you didn’t communicate your needs and wants. However, if you’re hoping to annoy your partner, screw planning, I guess.

Forget that you’re a couple

You’ve been exploring the city on foot for the whole day. You’re both tired and hungry. Very soon, you’re fighting with your partner over where and when to eat. To make matters worse, it seems like you might both coming down with something. Now you’re even fighting over the toilet bowl.

It’s easy to get caught up in the sights, sounds and stresses of new experiences that you forget to make time for your relationship. You are partners, not roommates. You’re in a foreign land, after all. Remember to look out for each other.

Try to factor in some time for dates. They don’t have to be fancy and expensive, but be intentional about have fun and making time for your relationship.

Challenges and other stressful situations will arise during your travels. No person or relationship is without their flaws. Learn to work with your partner and not against him or her. Make plans, but also be flexible enough to change them. Have fun through the highs and lows of your trip and treasure the moments together.