When it comes to hanging out with friends, any millennial knows how adult life loves placing abrupt full stops in friendships where we least expect them.

It’s no surprise then, that when that rare chance to travel together finally comes, everyone wants it to be extra special. For us who live in the perpetually hot and sunny side of the world, zipping off to a winter wonderland over year-end break sounds just about perfect for a truly special get-together with friends

Hong Kong may not greet you with falling snow, but this city certainly has everything you’ll want for a perfect holiday. Winter in Hong Kong is an indulgence of the senses – from dazzling light shows, hearty food to magical fantasies, here are 5 ways Hong Kong promises you many awesome moments this winter!

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1. Be awestruck by exclusive views at Sky100

Sky100 Winter in Hong Kong

Image credit: sky100.com.hk

Hong Kong’s only indoor observation deck treats visitors to 360-degree views all-year round, and a visit in winter guarantees unparalleled vistas of the city’s Christmas lights. Admiring the view up high from an impressive 100 floors, the myriad lights of the city dazzle like an endless sea of colourful fairy lights.

Sky100 Winter in Hong Kong

Image credit: sky100.com.hk

Between 12th December 2018 to 1st January 2019, Sky100’s “Light Up the Sky” festive event promises an exclusive and extra-special experience for all visitors. Visitors can not only watch a  brand new light-show, but participate in it by expressing their hopes and feelings in the accompanying animation. An exclusive VR experience also promises an immersive journey back in time to the 1960s — a expression of timelessness, just like the best of friendships.

And the winter charm doesn’t end there! If you happen to drop by on 24th and 25th December, completely your unique experience with a Hong Kong Christmas Tea Set or Hong Kong Christmas Dinner over at Cafe 100 by The Ritz Carlton. Partying hard with friends into the new year? Sky100’s 2019 New Year Countdown Fireworks Package will make your time in Hong Kong literally even more of a blast with an awesome fireworks display and a live band to boot.

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2. Light-en up with friends at the International Light Art Displays

During the festive season, Hong Kong is always dazzling with its repertoire of ingenious light installations and breathtaking fireworks.

Hong Kong International Light Arts Display 2018

Angel of Freedom by OGE Group that will be displayed in Hong Kong this winter. Image credit: Light Art Collection

This year’s edition will run from 29th November to 1st January 2019, and promises visitors a bigger and bolder festival experience. The festival’s signature “Symphony of Lights” event looks set to dazzle with its ever-impressive mix of fireworks displays and mesmerising light-shows, but the brand-new light art display by distinguished artists both local and overseas will provide visitors with unique photo opportunities that play on creative uses of light.

The brand-new Xtree, slated as a futuristic re-interpretation of the classic Christmas tree, and a unique Hong Kong City Sign both serve as the proverbial cherry on top, providing even more photo spots  in a festival already teeming with so much insta-worthy sights and sounds. If there’s ever a time to capture beautiful memories with friends, this is certainly it.

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3. Celebrate your reunion with friends over mouthwatering hotpot

Whether you are persuaded by its symbolism in Chinese culture or the fact that everyone eats out of the same dish, Hotpot is undeniably the one dish that brings family and friends together. In many ways, chowing down on a mouthwatering hotpot meal is the gastronomic equivalent of an penning an ode to friendship.

Winter Food in Hong Kong Drunken Pot

Image credit: The Drunken Pot

Hong Kong is no stranger to hotpot, and nowhere does hot-pots quite like The Drunken Pot.  A new kid-on-the-block, The Drunken Pot has been making waves in the local culinary scene with its signature Ultimate Drunken Pot — a quadruple soup base extravaganza that includes lobster, black truffle, fish maw and Sichuan pepper among the list of extraordinary ingredients — and ingenious re-interpretations of traditional Hong Kong dishes. Order up an Ultimate Drunken Pot, and you and your friends will be in for a real palate-pleaser.

4. Bottoms-up with friends at LEE Lo Mei

Lee Lo Mei recommended place to dine in Hong Kong

Image credit: leelomei.hk

Whether you and your friends are hardcore booze guzzlers or casual drinkers, light-hearted banter over drinks at a bar is a sure way to get the ball rolling on deep into the night. A lighter mood and looser mouths make for some of friendship’s most memorable — even hilarious — moments.

Lee Lo Mei Bar

Image credit: hungryhongkong.net

Good bars are a dime a dozen these days, but a good bar that does 100% proprietary house mocktails, cocktails and shots is a real beaut. At LEE Lo Mei, classy house specials is the name of the game. “Tai Chi” away your worries and frustrations with a mix of house signature milk tea, Expresso, spicy cinnamon-infused rum, Kahlua and Bailey’s, or get your friends to “Give you a Ride” with a curious concoction of Chinese wine, rum, Pu’Er tea and cane juice. Hark back to younger days with “At Twenty Four”, or opt for a playful tease with “Weak Chicken” and “Green Hat”.

5. Relive childhood magic at Hong Kong Disneyland

Image credit: Hong Kong Disneyland

Remember those days when every recess was an exciting round of police-and-thief or trying to avoid being stepped on during a game of Pepsi-Cola? Or trying to flip your rival’s country eraser? Childhood is all about having fun with friends, and having those pals stick around you till today is a real privilege indeed.

Those carefree days of our childhood are never coming back, but at Hong Kong Disneyland,  timeless magic that captivated us as kids continues to enthral both the little ones and adults alike.

Santa Goofy HK Disneyland Winter 2018

Image credit: Hong Kong Disneyland

This winter, Hong Kong Disneyland transforms in a magical winter wonderland brimming with festive joy. Everyone’s favourite Disney icons will be dressed for the annual Christmas Ball, a musical extravaganza with singers and dancers will get everyone moving along to a festive beat, and best of all, visitors get to enjoy snow right there with the theme park’s Magical Twilight Snowfall!

As life gets busier, having the opportunity to travel with friends is a real godsend indeed. With epic views, heartwarming meals and a touch of familiar magic, Hong Kong will guarantee you and your friends an unforgettable get-together.

For an even merrier winter get-together, be sure to check out Discover Hong Kong’s awesome list of winter promotions just for you! So pack your bags and head over this winter break — and don’t forget to ask your friends along!

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