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Updated 14 June 2022

The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing and the UAE continues its efforts of protecting citizens and visitors from the highly transmissible virus. As part of an integrated effort to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19, the Al Hosn app and the green pass now serve as a prerequisite for anyone looking to enter public spaces and venues across the country.

This means that foreign tourists must first ensure that they would be able to obtain the green pass and enjoy all the UAE has to offer. Here, we take a look at the Al Hosn app and how international visitors may download and register themselves on the service.

What is the green pass on Al Hosn app?

The Al Hosn app is the official contact tracing and COVID-19 testing related app of the UAE. The app allows the state’s health authorities to trace people who have been in close proximity to confirmed COVID-19 cases. 

The Al Hosn app involves the generation of a unique personal QR code along with color codes in accordance with the user’s COVID-related credentials. The colors are grey, green, red, and amber.

The green pass is essentially a digital pass confirming that the user is both fully vaccinated and tested negative for the viral infection. Recently, the UAE Health Ministry has reduced the validity of green pass status in the AlHosn App to 14 days after a PCR test.

The green pass allows holders to freely enter public spaces.

The green pass is accessible through the Al Hosn app; residents and tourists alike are required to show the green pass to be able to enter public places.

Who can obtain the green pass?

The green pass is obtainable provided the user is categorized into the following: 

  • vaccinated and has taken a PCR test within the past 14 days
  • eligible for an official vaccine exemption. Users in this category will retain their green pass for seven days following a negative PCR test
  • under the age of 16. Individuals under the specified age will automatically receive a green status without the requirement of having to take PCR testing 
  • users who have been fully vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine at least six months prior are required to take a booster shot to receive the green pass

In short, to get a green pass users must either be vaccinated, have obtained an official exemption, or be under the age of 16.

What are the benefits of the green pass for tourists?

Essentially, access to most public places and venues in the UAE.

The emirate of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah have mandated the green pass for anyone wishing to enter public places. Dubai also requires the green pass for residents and tourists to access some of the available establishments. 

Since tourists are also subjected to the same requirements as citizens and residents, they must register to the Al Hosn app to validate their COVID vaccination and test status and obtain the green pass. Obtaining said pass is the only way to ensure that tourists will be allowed entry to various public places and venues.  

As of late, the Al Hosn app’s green pass has been widely used by both business establishments such as bars and clubs in Dubai as well as shops, museums, eateries, cafes, gyms, spas, theme parks, and hotels across Abu Dhabi.

Sharjah also requires the green pass for anyone wishing to attend weddings and social gatherings

How to download the green pass on Al Hosn?

You need to first download the Al Hosn app from either Google Play or App Store or via a link provided by the ICA on the SMS confirmation.

Note that tourists will require a Unified Identity Number (UID) to complete their registration and activate their green pass reflected on the Al Hosn app.

The green pass is obtainable only after downloading and completing the Al Hosn app registration. Tourists may obtain their green pass by taking the following steps:

  • visiting the ICA website or accessing the ICA app and inputting their UID, which is the number used by Emirati authorities to identify all arrivals into the country. This number can be found on the visa page, the entry stamp on the passport, or provided by the immigration authorities at the airport
  • tourists may upload their vaccine certification on the portal as well as provide further details regarding the dates and name of the administered vaccine
  • the vaccination status of the tourist will automatically be synced between the ICA and the Al Hosn app
  • an SMS confirmation containing a link to the Al Hosn app will be sent to the provided phone number. Tourists must then download and install the Al Hosn app before they depart
  • once the app has been installed, tourists may simply utilize their UID number and their mobile phone number to complete their registration

How to validate overseas vaccine certificate on Al Hosn?

As explained above, vaccination certificates for tourists can be uploaded via the ICA website. Upon submission of the required details, the Al Hosn app will reflect the users’ vaccination status and PCR test results required to activate the green pass.