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As we draw closer to November, excitement over World Cup has pretty much reached a fever pitch. News and updates from Qatar pop up daily, detailing ticket holders’ perks, on-ground rules, and things fans can expect at the mega event.

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One such update will be welcomed with great relief by fans from all over the world: World Cup visitors will no longer be required to show a negative COVID-19 test result to enter Qatar.

Qatar entry requirements for World Cup fans

Starting November 1, visitors for World Cup—and returning residents—no longer need to submit COVID-19 test result to travel to the country.

World Cup spectators will also not be required to show proof of vaccination nor will they be asked to quarantine upon arrival.

According to a statement by Qatar’s health ministry, the ongoing vaccination program in the Gulf nation combined with relatively low COVID-19 cases worldwide have prompted the government to relax entry and movement rules for visitors.

Additionally, the country’s contact tracing app Ehteraz will only be used for entry to healthcare facilities; previously it was required to enter stadiums, restaurants, and many other public places.


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