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Reviewed February 2024

Croatia, situated in Southeast Europe, is renowned for its stunning beaches, rich traditions, and captivating history. As a member of the European Union and Schengen area, Croatia offers numerous opportunities for individuals from outside these regions who wish to reside and work there. However, if you are not a citizen of the EU or Schengen area, obtaining a Croatian work visa is crucial to ensure legal entry into Croatia for employment purposes.

Keep reading if you want to know the criteria and steps needed to get a work visa in Croatia for 2024.

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Croatia work visa 2024

A work visa is a long-stay visa (D) that allows foreigners to work in Croatia for a specified period. Any foreign individual who plans to participate in paid or unpaid positions, self-employment, or professional activities within Croatia must obtain a work visa.

Application form

To apply for a Croatia work visa, applicants must provide their personal details and submit a completed application form. The application form can be downloaded here and should be signed before submission.


The applicant must submit the following documents to apply for a work visa.

  • visa application form
  • a passport that meets specific conditions
    • it must contain at least two empty pages for the visa
    • it must have been issued in the previous 10 years
    • the validity period of the travel document must be at least three months longer than the work permit
  • recent identity photograph following ICAO standards
  • travel medical insurance for a period of stay of 30 days in Croatia, with a minimum amount of EUR 30,000
  • evidence of granted work permit in Croatia
  • proof of means of travel
    • return travel ticket or confirmed booking (for air/surface/sea transport)
  • proof of paid visa fee
    • if the application is submitted at the VFS Global Visa Application Center, the service fee must also be paid

Application process

If you wish to obtain a work visa for Croatia, you can submit your application at the appropriate Croatian Embassy/Consulate or VFS Visa Application Centres. It is strongly recommended that you refrain from using any other intermediary to schedule an appointment, as only VFS has been authorized by the Embassy to handle applications for Croatian visas.

If you are applying from a Croatian Embassy/Consulate

  • access the visa application form through the official site of Croatia
  • click “Enter new application”
  • fill in your personal data
  • pay the fee
  • arrange your documents as per the checklist that you will see once you finished with your application
  • print out and sign your visa application form
  • attach all documents with the application form
  • get in touch with the Visa/Consular Office at the Embassy (via email) to get information on how to arrange an appointment with the corresponding Honorary Consulate Office
  • attend your appointment
  • wait for the decision
  • pick up your passport with the visa from the Croatian Embassy/Consulate or have your passport returned to you by courier for an additional fee

If you are applying from a VFS Global Centre

  • access the visa application form through the official site of VFS
  • click “Apply now”
  • you need to book an appointment to have your biometric information taken
  • wait for a confirmation email along with the letter of appointment
  • once you have applied, you must pay your visa application and service fee
    • if you download the form to print and bring it to the Visa Application Centre, payment can be made during your appointment
  • attend your appointment at the visa application centre
  • wait for an email update when your decision has been returned to the Visa Application Centre
    • if you can’t access email easily or would like more detailed tracking information, you may also be able to get updates by SMS sent directly to your phone
    • you can also track your visa application status online
  • pick up your passport with the visa from the Visa Application Centre or have your passport returned to you by courier for an additional fee

Processing time

Whether you’re submitting your application directly at the Embassy or through a VFS Global Centre, a decision will be made on your application within 15 days of submission. This timeframe may sometimes be extended to 30 or 60 days for valid reasons. However, if you submit your application less than 15 days before your planned journey, it is not guaranteed to be processed in time.


When it comes to settling the necessary fees, only card payments are accepted. The standard visa fee amounts to EUR 93. Furthermore, if you apply via VFS, you will also encounter a supplementary charge that must be paid. An additional EUR 30 is required for the service fee, and EUR 2 covers the COVID-19 measure fee.


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