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Updated May 2023

Hajj is the most anticipated event for Muslims worldwide. Following a two-year hiatus, Saudi Arabia is now preparing to welcome pilgrims from all over the world to perform the Hajj, including those from India.

If you are planning to travel from India to Saudi Arabia for Hajj this year, it is important to stay informed about the latest schedule for Hajj flights. Here are the most recent updates regarding the Hajj flight from India 2023 schedule.

Hajj 2023 from India news & updates

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has recently issued a new set of guidelines regarding prohibited items for air travel to the country for Hajj. As per their tweet, the following items have been listed as banned:

  • unwrapped and tied luggage
  • plastic bags
  • fabric-wrapped luggage
  • excess weight

Kindly comply with the regulations to ensure a hassle-free and secure Hajj pilgrimage experience.

Hajj 2023 flights from India

According to the media coordinator of the West Bengal State Haj Committee, the departure of Hajj pilgrims from India for Hajj is scheduled to begin on 21st May 2023 and will continue until 6th June 2023. The arrival of Hajj pilgrims in India is expected to start on 3rd July 2023 and conclude on 2nd August 2023.

Hajj 2023 Guide for Pilgrims from India


Hajj 2023 flights from India – schedules and ticket price

For Indian pilgrims planning to perform Hajj in 2023, two airlines, Air India and Air India Express, have been designated to operate special flights from four cities in India to Jeddah and Medina in Saudi Arabia. These airlines will facilitate the transportation of approximately 19,000 pilgrims. The inaugural flight of Air India for this year’s Hajj departed from Jaipur at 11:05 AM and arrived in Medina at 1:50 PM local time.

Here are the details of the Hajj flight departures according to the official embarkation points:

  • Delhi – 22 May
  • Jaipur – 21 May
  • Kolkata – 21 May
  • Ranchi (Ex. Kolkata) – 21 May
  • Lucknow – 21 May
  • Varanasi (Ex. Lucknow) – 7 June
  • Ahmedabad – 4 June
  • Aurangabad – 7 June
  • Bangalore – 7 June
  • Bhopal – 7 June
  • Calicut – 7 June
  • Chennai – 7 June
  • Cochin – 7 June
  • Gaya – 7 June
  • Guwahati – 4 June
  • Hyderabad – 7 June
  • Indore – 4 June
  • Kannur – 7 June
  • Mumbai – 7 June
  • Nagpur – 7 June
  • Srinagar – 7 June
  • Vijayawada – 7 June

Both Air India and Air India Express have special arrangements for senior citizens, providing them care and attention. Customized envelopes will be used for issuing boarding passes, and color-coded pouches will be provided for boarding cards. Bright luggage tags and meal boxes will be offered during the journey. Upon return, Zamzam water will be brought back on the flights and handed over to pilgrims at their home destinations. Baggage collection from passengers in Madinah will be arranged 24 hours before departure.

As for the Hajj flight ticket prices, Hajj packages from India are inclusive of various components such as flights, accommodation, meals, and transportation throughout the pilgrimage. To learn more about Hajj packages from India, please consult our Hajj 2023 guide for pilgrims from India article.


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