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Updated May 2024

A transformative initiative designed to empower and enable individuals to undertake the sacred pilgrimage to Makkah, the Hajj Sponsorship Scheme stands as a testament to the commitment of the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony, Government of Pakistan. This innovative program not only fosters inclusivity but also acknowledges the diverse needs of the Pakistani diaspora.

Read on as Wego unveils details you need to know regarding the Hajj Sponsorship Scheme.

Hajj sponsorship news

Saudi Arabia expanded its Makkah Route Initiative to Karachi airport, previously only available in Islamabad, to facilitate the Hajj pilgrimage for Pakistani travelers. This initiative allows pilgrims to complete immigration procedures at their departure point, reducing waiting times and ensuring smoother entry processes.

Efforts are underway to double the number of beneficiaries, with approximately 179,210 Pakistani pilgrims expected to participate this year, including those under sponsorship schemes.

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What is the Hajj sponsorship?

The Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony, Government of Pakistan, has introduced a sponsorship scheme to assist overseas Pakistanis. This scheme allows them to:

  • sponsor themselves or others for Hajj without the need for balloting
  • apply for Hajj irrespective of whether they have performed the pilgrimage in the past five years, a flexibility not available under the regular scheme

Please note that Hajj fees/dues are required to be remitted in USD to the Ministry’s accounts through the SWIFT banking system.

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Hajj sponsorship scheme remittance

Under the Government Sponsorship Hajj scheme 2024, the sponsorship amount may be remitted to any of the following listed banks on the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony website:

Bank Name Swift Code IBAN Number
MCB Bank Limited MUCBPKKA PK82MUCB 0606 9910 1100 9603
National Bank of Pakistan NBPAPKKA02I PK32NBPA 0341 0041 8280 1898
Habib Bank Limited HABBPKKAXXX PK28HABB 0006 0279 9265 1199
United Bank Limited UNILPKKA PK26UNIL 0109 0002 9330 2713
Allied Bank Limited ABPAPKKA PK71ABPA 0020 0099 9889 0138
Meezan Bank Limited MEZNPKKA PK31MEZN 0003 0501 0789 0040
Bank Islami Limited BKIPPKKA PK57BKIP 0305 8007 7712 0031
Faysal Bank Limited FAYSPKKA PK47FAYS 3000 3030 0000 0145
Bank Al Habib Limited BAHLPKKA PK40BAHL 5518 1079 9900 5101
Askari Bank ASCMPKKA PK87ASCM 0007 0531 5000 4704
Soneri Bank Limited SONEPKKA PK30SONE 0001 6200 1089 0439
Bank Al Falah Limited ALFHPKKAXXX PK19ALFH 5504 0050 0171 7375
The Bank of Punjab Limited BPUNPKKAXXX PK46BPUN 5030 0101 5730 0011
Habib Metro Bank Limited MPBLPKKAXXX PK34MPBL 9902 1733 3013 9425


Hajj sponsorship scheme application process

To process a Hajj 2024 application under the sponsorship scheme, follow the steps given below:

  • calculate your remittance package using the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony’s Hajj dues calculator tool
  • while remitting the amount, the account number, swift code, amount, name, and CNIC of the applicant must be mentioned
  • after successful remittance, the applicant (or their nominee) may visit the respective bank along with copies of the following documents to process their Hajj application:
    • passport
    • CNIC
    • three passport-size photos with blue backgrounds
    • receipt of remittance

Please note that a single remittance may be made for one or more applicants containing the names of all applicants and the CNIC of at least one applicant.

Hajj sponsorship scheme contact number

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has appointed Mr. Muhammad Umar Butt, Assistant Director (Media), as the point of contact for the 2024 Hajj Sponsorship Scheme.

Pilgrims who encounter issues with their remittance or Hajj 2024 application can reach out to him at 0306-3332555/051-9203060 or via email at [email protected].

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