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Updated January 2024

If you’re planning to visit Japan, it’s crucial to ensure that your visa application is complete, including submitting an official passport photo that meets the requirements set by the Japan Consulate. Neglecting these requirements may result in the rejection of your visa application, which could delay your trip.

Read on as Wego has compiled all the details concerning the Japan visa photo requirements below.

Japan visa photo requirements 2024

The photo requirements for a Japan visa are stringent. If your photo does not meet the standards set by the authorities, your visa application will be rejected. These standards encompass specific dimensions, resolution, and appearance criteria that are detailed further below.

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According to the official rules, the size of the Japan visa photo must be 45 mm x 45 mm. The resolution of the photo should be at least 600 dpi.


The following are the specifications of the Japan visa photo that must be adhered to by visa applicants. Non-compliance may result in the rejection of their visa applications.

Background and quality of the photograph

  • the background should be white
  • it must be a coloured photograph, not black and white
  • the lighting should not be too bright or too dark to show the face in its natural colour
  • must be taken within the last 6 months

Attire of the applicant

  • though the dress will not be prominently visible in the picture, applicants are still advised to dress appropriately
  • headwear is allowed only for religious purposes. In such cases, the face should be fully visible from the chin to the forehead. No shadows should be visible on the face
  • in the case of wearing a hijab, it is recommended that it be in a single colour and allow the entire face to be visible from the bottom of the chin to the top of the forehead, including the sides of the face
  • prescription glasses are permitted, but applicants must ensure there is no flash reflection
  • no large or flashy jewellery should be visible
  • glasses should not hide or change the details of your face

Expression of the applicant

  • the head of the applicant should be neither at an angle nor turned (portrait style)
  • the head must be square to the camera; the face can be slightly rotated and or tilted
  • the face and eyes must be straight towards the camera, so both ears and cheek are clearly visible
  • the photograph has to be a full-face view in which the applicant is facing the camera directly
  • smiling to the camera is not allowed

Requirements for children and infants

Though they are still underage, parents must prepare their babies for the visa photograph with the following guidelines:

  • the child should be awake during the photo shoot
  • if the infant has a pacifier or headwear, you are expected to remove them from the shot
  • the child has to appear alone in the picture
  • the size and background requirements for a child’s visa photo are the same as those for adults, as mentioned in the previous sections.


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