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Updated November 2022

Managing daily chores may present a challenge for the typical household in Dubai. Families need assistance to help them handle things like cooking, cleaning, babysitting, and so on. To address this, the UAE government facilitates its residents by way of allowing them to employ domestic workers.

Conversely, people from different parts of the world who have the skills and inclination to take on such tasks are also being facilitated to legally work and live in Dubai as domestic workers by way of the maid visa. Keep on reading to learn more about the maid visa, including its requirements, eligibility, cost, application procedure, and more.

What is the maid visa Dubai?

A maid visa is a visa permitting hired domestic workers from other countries to stay in the UAE within the duration of their contract.

A maid visa, also known as a domestic worker visa or a tadbeer visa, is part of a government service called the tadbeer program which aims to facilitate both workers and employers in the UAE. The service also looks to ensure that the welfare of the domestic worker is guaranteed.

The maid visa can only be applied for by the employers provided the contract between the domestic worker and employer has been established.

UAE maid visa validity

The UAE tadbeer visa has a validity of one year and must be renewed each year.

UAE maid visa eligibility requirements

The sponsors need to meet the following criteria to be eligible for the domestic worker visa:

  • have a monthly salary of no less than AED 10,000 and AED 25,000 for residents and expats respectively
  • must be married
  • must be the head of the family

There are also requirements that need to be met by the workers:

  • must not be younger than 18 years of age
  • must be from the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Maid visa Dubai required documents

It is compulsory for both the workers and the sponsors to provide the required documents. However, note that the requirements may vary depending on the category.

For domestic workers: 

  • original passport
  • current visa copy (visit visa or canceled visa)
  • passport-size photo with white background

For sponsors/employers:

  • passport
  • visa page copy
  • original Emirates ID

For GCC nationals: 

  • passport
  • visa page copy of the husband and wife
  • title deed or tenancy contract/Ejari
  • salary certificate

Expat sponsors should provide the following documents:

  • passports of the sponsor and the spouse
  • color photograph with white background
  • attested marriage certificate with legal translation in Arabic
  • labor contract
  • salary certificate
  • a tenancy contract showing a minimum of two bedrooms attested through the Ejari online system
  • original electricity and water bill under the name of the sponsor or spouse
  • proof that the maid is not related to the sponsor and spouse
  • international bank account number

How to apply for the UAE maid visa?

Sponsors are able to apply for the tadbeer visa through the tadbeer visa services by following these steps:

  • go to and find the desired service
  • visit the tadbeer office
  • submit the required documents
  • pay the visa fee.
  • obtain the visa documents

Please note that you can also use services from other agencies to issue your maid visa. You should check whether the company you choose is certified by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE).

What is the cost of maid visa Dubai?

The cost of a domestic worker visa varies across visa issuance service agencies. For UAE residents and GCC nationals, the cost would be around AED 4,400 for 1 year of validity.

For expats, the cost would be around AED 9,600 for 1 year of validity or AED 10,000 for two-year validity.

Maid visa Dubai renewal

The UAE maid visa can be renewed once its validity is almost over. The procedure is similar but with different costs. Generally, the cost is much lower than the cost of the initial issuance.

Maid visa renewal costs AED 2,496 for UAE residents and GCC nationals, while the cost for expat sponsors is AED 7,030.

UAE maid visa cancellation

Once the contract or the visa period is almost over and no visa renewal is expected, the sponsors have a responsibility to take care of the cancellation of the visa. Both the sponsors and the workers need to provide their passports and a copy of their visas as well as the Emirates ID for the sponsors.

The cost of the cancellation would be AED 251 if the workers are still inside the country and AED 264 if the workers have been outside of the country for more than 3 months.

Following the cancellation, the workers can stay in the country for up to 30 days to find another sponsor/company or to switch to a tourist visa. After 30 days, they would be required to leave the country to avoid fines.

Maid visa Dubai for golden visa holders

As per the latest announcement by the authorities, Golden Visa holders have the privilege to sponsor an unlimited number of domestic workers. To learn more about the Golden Visa, please consult our dedicated article below.

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