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Updated March 2024

As love knows no boundaries, numerous couples unite their lives beyond the UAE’s borders. However, for those who have exchanged vows outside the country, obtaining the necessary marriage attestation becomes vital for securing legal recognition within the UAE. This crucial step is necessary for couples seeking to establish their union within the nation’s legal framework.

In this article, Wego explores the essential processes in obtaining a marriage attestation in the UAE, offering insights into their importance for couples aiming to authenticate their international unions.

Marriage attestation in UAE

Marriage attestation in the UAE is a process that involves verifying the authenticity of a marriage certificate for its use within the country. A marriage certificate is an official document that confirms the legal union between two individuals, usually issued by a government authority. However, for couples intending to live or work in the UAE, it is essential to have the UAE embassy attest the certificate in their home country after their civil registration.

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Marriage attestation in UAE application process

To officially certify a marriage document for use in the UAE, it can be done through the UAE Embassy or Consulate in the country where the document was issued. The application process involves submitting the application through MoFA’s online channels, which include the following options:

  • MoFA website
  • Smart Mobile App (UAE MoFA)
  • UAE embassies abroad

If you choose to use the MoFA website for marriage attestation in the UAE, follow these steps:

  1. visit the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) official website and click the “start service” option next to the Attestation of Official Documents and Certificates.
  2. if you are a new user, register on the website. If you already have an account, log in. Alternatively, you can use your UAE Pass to sign in.
  3. select the service category for individuals and choose “Attestation of Official Documents, Certificates” from the available options.
  4. pick whether you want your document attested in the Happiness Centres in the UAE or a UAE Embassy and Consulate abroad.
  5. select your preferred courier service.
  6. specify the type of document you wish to have attested. In this case, you must pick the Individual Affairs document or Certificate of Origin.
  7. enter the place where the document was issued.
  8. complete all the required information and answer any relevant questions accurately.
  9. proceed to make the payment for the attestation fees.

Once you have completed the application process, the selected courier service will collect the required documents from your chosen location. After the attestation process is completed, the same courier service will return the attested documents to your specified location.

Required documents for marriage certificate attestation

When applying for a marriage certificate attestation in the UAE, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • original marriage certificate: The marriage certificate must be in English or Arabic. If your document is in a language other than these, you will need to obtain an official translation
  • attested marriage certificate: Before submission, ensure that the marriage certificate is properly attested by the relevant authorities in the country where it was issued. This attestation is essential to verify the authenticity of the document
  • official translation (if applicable): If your marriage certificate is not in English or Arabic, you must provide an official translation of the document
  • unlaminated document: Please ensure that the marriage certificate is not laminated, as this may hinder the attestation process. Submitting an unlaminated document will facilitate the verification process

Marriage certificate attestation cost in UAE

As per the attestation guide of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), the cost for attesting marriage certificates, whether issued inside or outside the UAE, is AED 150. This fee applies to the attestation process to verify the authenticity of the marriage certificate and make it legally acceptable for use within the country. It is essential to ensure that the attestation fee is paid accordingly to proceed with the marriage certificate attestation in the UAE.


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