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Updated August 2023

Navigating the complexities of modern air travel often entails a meticulous understanding of baggage regulations. Oman Air, the flagship carrier of the Sultanate of Oman, offers travelers an essential guide to its baggage allowance policies. In a world where packing smartly is an art, uncovering the nuances of Oman Air’s baggage regulations can ensure a seamless journey from the moment you step into the airport.

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Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embark on your maiden flight with the airline, delving into the details of Oman Air’s baggage policies can provide valuable insights for an informed and hassle-free travel experience. Read further to know more as Wego explores the baggage policies of Oman Air.

Oman Air baggage allowance

Oman Air has carefully tailored its baggage policies to cater to the diverse needs of its passengers. These policies are designed to balance convenience with ensuring safe and comfortable travel for all. Where different luggage allowances are offered based on one’s travel class and destination, reviewing the precise baggage regulations outlined on your ticket for accurate information is necessary.

The standard size and weight requirements for each bag for Oman Air are as follows:

  1. a single bag must not weigh more than 32 kg. It’s important to note that bags exceeding this weight limit, even in exceptional circumstances, will not be accepted.
  2. additionally, the combined dimensions of a bag should not exceed 158 cm.
  3. baggage that surpasses these established size and weight limits may incur applicable fees for extra baggage weight. For hand baggage, each guest is allowed up to 7 kg in weight, with a maximum linear dimension of 115 cm (45 inches).

Checked baggage

Oman Air offers different checked baggage allowances depending on your fare type, travel class, and Sindbad membership status. Sindbad is the frequent flyer program of Oman Air that rewards you with miles and benefits.

The standard checked baggage allowances for Oman Air are as follows:

  • First Class: 50 kg
  • Business Class: 50 kg
  • Economy Class: 30 kg (except Economy Saver)

Economy Saver is a low-cost fare option that does not include any checked baggage allowance. You can purchase extra bags or weights online or at the airport for an additional fee. If you are traveling with an infant, you are allowed to bring an extra 10 kg of checked baggage (except for Economy Saver).

The maximum weight for each checked bag is 32 kg and the maximum dimensions are 158 cm. If your bag exceeds these limits, you will have to pay extra charges or repack your items.

Sinbad membership baggage allowance

Sindbad is the frequent flyer program of Oman Air that rewards you with miles and benefits. Sindbad has three membership tiers: Blue, Silver, and Gold. Each tier has different baggage allowances and privileges when you fly with Oman Air or their partner airlines. You can earn and spend Sindbad miles for free flights, flight upgrades, discounts, and more. Below is the baggage allowance that you can get if you are a Sinbad member:


First class: 70 kg
Business class: 70 kg
Except Economy Saver: 50 kg
Economy Saver: 50% discount on prepaid baggage allowance


First class: 60 kg
Business class: 60 kg
Except Economy Saver: 40 kg
Economy Saver: 25% discount on prepaid baggage allowance


First class: 50 kg
Business class: 50 kg
Except Economy Saver: 30 kg
Economy Saver: none

Hand baggage

Oman Air allows each passenger to carry one piece of hand baggage weighing up to 7 kg and measuring up to 115 cm in total dimensions. In addition, you can also bring one personal item such as a laptop, a handbag, or a camera. Hand baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin. You should keep your valuables, documents, and medicines in your hand baggage.

Excess baggage

The cost of excess baggage with Oman Air varies based on factors like your destination, fare type, and travel dates. If you plan to carry more baggage than your allowed limit, you’ll incur additional charges at the airport. Alternatively, you can purchase extra baggage weight in advance through the online platform. Here’s a breakdown of the excess baggage charges:

Off Peak Period Rates (From 15 Jan – 31 May | 15 Sep – 15 Nov)

From GCC Indian Sub-Continent Middle East & North Africa Asia Pacific Europe Domestic
Domestic $ 15
GCC $ 30 $ 35 $ 40 $ 60 $ 65
Indian Sub-Continent $ 30 $ 40 $ 60 $ 65
Middle East & North Africa $ 40 $ 40 $ 60 $ 65
Asia Pacific $ 60 $ 60 $ 60 $ 65
Europe $ 65 $ 65 $ 65 $ 65

Peak Period Rates (From 01 June – 14 September | 16 Nov – 14 Jan)

From GCC Indian Sub-Continent Middle East & North Africa Asia Pacific Europe Domestic
Domestic $ 21
GCC $ 40 $ 45 $ 50 $ 70 $ 75
Indian Sub-Continent $ 40 $ 50 $ 70 $ 75
Middle East & North Africa $ 50 $ 50 $ 70 $ 75
Asia Pacific $ 70 $ 70 $ 70 $ 75
Europe $ 75 $ 75 $ 75 $ 75

Special items

The subsequent items are categorized as Special Baggage and can be included within your checked baggage allocation, as long as they adhere to the standard size and weight requirements:

  1. filming equipment
  2. televisions
  3. musical instruments
  4. sporting equipment (such as surfboards, paddle boards, skis, snowboards, skateboards, golf clubs, bicycles, fishing rods, windsurfing gear, diving equipment, hockey sticks, bowling balls, archery equipment, boogie boards, lacrosse equipment, pole vaults)

It’s important to note that items exceeding your baggage allocation or the standard weight and size dimensions will incur additional charges for excess baggage. Some items may be too large or heavy for regular travel and will need to be transported via Cargo.

For items needing special handling or subject to charges, it is recommended to do an early check-in to prevent any unnecessary delays at the check-in counters. It’s advised to use a sturdy protective case for your special equipment, whether it’s placed in the cabin or the hold, and to ensure proper insurance. Soft cases for instruments will not be accepted. If your equipment isn’t listed, please contact Oman Air’s call center at +968 24531111.

Musical Instruments

Smaller musical instruments, weighing under 7 kg and with dimensions below 115 cm, can be brought into the cabin as an alternative to your hand luggage. This is permitted if the item isn’t restricted and remains within the size and weight limits of hand luggage. Otherwise, it can be checked in as part of your checked baggage. Approval for this must be obtained at least 48 hours before departure. Your musical instrument will stay with you in the cabin, on the adjacent seat.


Televisions must be securely packed in a box without additional items. TVs measuring up to 43” and weighing 23 kg are accepted as part of your checked baggage. For TVs between 43” and 55” and a maximum weight of 32 kg, excess baggage charges apply. Items exceeding 55” and 32 kg can only be transported as Cargo.

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