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Updated February 2024

Qatar, situated on the Arabian Peninsula, is a small yet prosperous nation. Boasting a population of over two million expatriate workers, it serves as a thriving center for economic and social progress. However, until recently, these workers faced significant challenges when seeking to switch jobs or sponsors due to their employers’ demand for a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

In this article, we will explore Qatar’s NOC and provide you with the most up-to-date information on the rules and regulations surrounding it in 2023. Keep reading to stay informed about the latest developments and changes regarding the Qatar NOC.

Qatar NOC rules 2024

Since August 30, 2020, Qatar has abolished the requirement for workers to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in order to change jobs or sponsors. This progressive step has granted workers the freedom to switch their employment without seeking permission from their current employers. The new policy is expected to foster increased competition within Qatar’s job market, enabling companies to attract highly skilled individuals from the domestic workforce. Please also note that the employees are still subject to certain provisions, which include:

  • employees will be empowered to explore fresh avenues in Qatar, enhancing the economy through domestic and global commerce
  • employees can terminate their employment agreement by providing a minimum of one month’s written notice if their tenure is two years or less or two months’ notice if their tenure exceeds two years
  • employers have the option to establish a probationary period for employees, not exceeding six months from their start date
  • in cases where employees have been exposed to confidential information, employers can include a clause in the agreement preventing the employee from engaging in competing projects or working for a competitor for one year following termination
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Qatar NOC format

It is crucial to note that Qatar has eliminated the requirement for workers to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in order to switch jobs or sponsors. This progressive change grants workers the freedom to change their employment without seeking permission from their current employers. Therefore, the format of a Qatar NOC is no longer applicable as it is no longer required. Workers can now enjoy increased mobility and flexibility in their career transitions within Qatar.

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Qatar NOC validity

The Qatar NOC is valid for a single transfer only and cannot be used multiple times. Once the NOC has been utilized to transfer sponsorship, it becomes null and void because the current sponsor’s name will no longer match the new sponsor’s name in subsequent instances. However, please do keep in mind that the requirement for a NOC is no longer mandatory in Qatar, providing workers with the freedom to change jobs or sponsors without the need for this certificate.


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