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Reviewed January 2024

If you intend to apply for a Qatar visa, it’s important to note that a medical check report is among the necessary documents required for obtaining the visa. To simplify this process, the Qatar Visa Center (QVC) provides a medical check service in six different countries.

In this article, Wego comprehensively guides you through the steps necessary to complete your QVC medical check.

QVC medical check online

The Qatar Visa Center (QVC) is a center where applicants can complete the procedures required to obtain a Qatar work visa.

One of the procedures is the QVC medical check-up, which is mandatory for all applicants wishing to obtain a Qatar visa. The QVC medical check system has been designed to streamline the process, enabling you to acquire your medical report online without the need to visit a physical medical center.

Applicants can check their medical report online by visiting the QVC website and following the instructions provided.

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QVC medical test procedure

Upon scheduling an appointment for biometric enrollment on the QVC website, the QVC medical test will be promptly arranged. This medical examination is conducted at the Qatar Medical Center, typically a few hours subsequent to finalizing your visa application and completing the biometric enrollment procedure at the Qatar Visa Center (QVC) office. The standard time gap is generally around an hour after the biometric enrollment process has been concluded.

QVC medical test list

The QVC medical test list typically includes the following:

General examinations

  • medical history and physical examination
  • vision testing
  • recording of physical signs such as height, weight and blood pressure

X-ray test

  • chest X-ray, postero anterior view

Lab tests and vaccinations3

  • Elisa testing for HIV, Hbsag and anti HCV
  • VDRL test for syphilis
  • biochemistry tests such as random blood sugar, SGOT, SGPT, serum rreatinine
  • pregnancy tests for women
  • hemoglobin test
  • vaccinations

Advanced medical investigation

In accordance with the guidelines set by the Qatar Ministry of Health, applicants may need to undergo advanced medical investigations should certain findings arise in their initial medical fitness check at the center. In the event of findings in an applicant’s:

  • X-ray examination, the applicant may be requested to return to the QVC for further, more advanced X-ray investigations
  • blood examination, the applicant may be required to revisit the QVC for more comprehensive blood investigations, which will be conducted at an approved external laboratory
  • doctor’s assessment, the applicant might need to consult a specialist doctor at an approved external hospital

Please note that even if the above steps are completed, the Qatar Ministry of Interior retains the right to reject an applicant’s visa application.

Once applicants have completed the referred tests or consultations, they must physically submit their reports to the medical center in person.

Additionally, applicants are required to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment. If you require a referral for a medical test, please visit the Qatar Medical Center’s website for further information.

QVC medical report check

Once you’ve completed the test, you can access your QVC medical report online by following these steps:

  • visit the official QVC website
  • choose your preferred language and select your country
  • click on the “Track Application” button
  • input the necessary details, including your passport number, visa number, and captcha code
  • click the “Submit” button

Should you encounter any issues with your medical report, feel free to reach out to the center directly. You can find their contact information on the website or choose to visit their office in person.

QVC medical result

Typically, the completion time for your QVC medical check report can vary between 2-3 working days or weeks, contingent upon the complexity of the advanced tests involved. It’s advisable to consistently monitor the progress of your medical report by regularly visiting the QVC website.


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