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Updated November 2023

For individuals visiting or residing in Saudi Arabia, it is important to possess a valid driving license. Obtaining and renewing this license is crucial, as driving without a valid one can lead to potential legal ramifications, including substantial fines or even vehicle confiscation. Holding a Saudi driving license not only provides greater flexibility for transportation but also fulfills the legal obligations for renting or owning a vehicle.

Please keep reading the article below to find out how to obtain a Saudi driving license.

Saudi driving license latest news

Renewing a Saudi driver’s license is now simplified through Absher, offering a quicker process without the necessity of visiting traffic offices.

The service has undergone enhancements to facilitate the renewal of driving licenses through Absher. With this development, beneficiaries can now renew their driving licenses via Absher, leading to quicker processing times. Additionally, users have the option to request the printing and delivery of their license through a postal carrier.

Saudi driving license

When visiting or living in Saudi Arabia, it is essential to have a valid driver’s license. There are 6 types of driving licenses in the KSA:

  • private driving license
  • public driving license
  • motorcycle driving license
  • heavy vehicle driving license
  • diplomatic driving license
  • temporary driving license

Saudi driving license application


To qualify for obtaining a Saudi driving license, individuals must meet the following criteria as outlined below:

  1. the applicant must have an active Absher account
  2. the applicant must provide a valid medical check-up report from an authorized center. This report includes an eye examination, blood type, and other necessary tests
  3. a medical examination must be carried out at one of the approved centers
  4. for non-Saudis, a valid Iqama (residence permit) is required

Application form

To obtain the application form for the issuance of your Saudi driving license, kindly access the official website of the Public Traffic Department from the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom.

Required documents

Prior to obtaining your Saudi driving license and undergoing the driving test, it is necessary to gather all the essential documents. Please note that your required documents may vary depending on the type of Saudi driving license you choose.

Private driving license
  • the applicant’s minimum age must be 18 years
  • provide medical check-up report
  • provide a copy of civil affairs ID
  • provide six photos, size (4×6) cm
  • pay the required fees
  • provide a file to save documents
Public driving license
  • the applicant’s minimum age must be 21 years
  • the applicant’s occupation must require a public driving license
  • provide medical check-up report
  • provide six photos, size (4×6) cm
  • provide a copy of the family record or a report from civil affairs office to identify his occupation if he is single
  • the applicant must not have a criminal record
  • pay the required fees
  • provide a file to save documents
  • submit a reference letter if the applicant is a government employee
Heavy vehicle driving license
  • fill in the specified form completely
  • provide four photos, size (4×6) cm
  • provide an identification letter from an official authority
  • pay the required fees
  • provide a file to save documents
  • provide an identification letter from the sponsor (non-Saudis)
  • the applicant’s occupation must entitle driving heavy vehicles
Motorcycle driving license
  • the applicant’s minimum age must be 16 years
  • fill-in the specified form completely
  • provide four photos, size (4×6) cm
  • provide a copy of your civil affairs id (Saudis)
  • provide a copy of the resident permit (iqama) and passport (non-Saudis)
  • provide a letter from the guardian
  • pay the required fees
  • provide good conduct and behavior certificate from an official authority
  • provide an approved identification letter
  • provide a file to save documents
Diplomatic driving license
  • fill-in the specified form completely
  • provide four photos stamped by the diplomatic authority
  • provide an approval letter from the ministry of foreign affairs
  • provide a copy of the applicant’s driving license issued from his own country, translated into Arabic and stamped by the diplomatic authority
  • provide a file to save documents

Application procedure

To obtain your Saudi driving license, please follow these steps thoroughly.

  1. visit the Absher Platform
  2. select “Issuing a Driver’s License”
  3. book an appointment in a driving school for theoretical testing.
  4. once your application has been accepted, you will receive a message verifying your registration.
  5. perform and pass the necessary hours and requirements. This includes medical examination at one of the accredited centers, including the practical and theoretical stages.
  6. applicants are exempted from the test if they hold a valid foreign or international driving license recognized by the relevant department in the Kingdom.

To follow up on the status of your license,

  • log in to your Asbher account.
  • click on “My Services”, then “Inquires”, then “Traffic”, and then “Public Query Driving License”
  • enter the required information, including National ID or Iqama number and date of birth.
  • click on “View” for all information about the driving license.

Saudi driving license appointment

If you’re ready to take the next step towards obtaining your Saudi driving license, scheduling an appointment is a crucial part of the process. Follow these simple steps to book your appointment conveniently through the Absher website:

  • visit the official Absher website
  • choose “Individuals” to access services tailored for individual users
  • log in to the Absher portal using your registered username and password. If you haven’t registered yet, follow the provided instructions to create your account
  • upon logging in, navigate to the “Appointments” tab on the main screen
  • select “Traffic” to access services related to driving
  • click the “Proceed to Service” button to move forward
  • click on “Book New Appointment” to initiate the appointment booking process
  • choose the relevant option based on your driving skills: “For Training in Driving Schools: Assessment of Driving Skills (advanced – intermediate – beginner)” or an alternative based on your experience
  • pick your “Region” from the dropdown menu and click “Next” to locate the nearest driving school for your appointment
  • the system will present available dates for your appointment. Choose the most suitable date and complete the scheduling process

Once your appointment is confirmed, either print out the details or save them as a PDF on your smartphone. Ensure you arrive at the driving school before the scheduled time with all required documents.

Saudi driving license test

Once the medical examination for the driver’s license is completed, applicants are required to undergo the initial Saudi first-try test, which assesses their understanding of basic driving concepts. The test is conducted by an examiner who assigns a score, ranging from A (Alif) to D, based on the applicant’s performance. If the score is an A, the applicant is deemed ready for the final test; otherwise, they must enroll in training classes based on the examiner’s assessment.

Upon successful completion of the driving test, applicants are provided with a date for the reverse parking and computer test. It is important to note that the computer test consists of 20 questions and must be completed within 30 minutes. To pass this test, applicants are allowed a maximum of two mistakes.

Saudi driving license renewal

Required documents

To renew your Saudi driving license in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • Absher account
  • driving license validity
    • ensure your driving license is valid for fewer than 180 days.
  • Efada Medical Test Report
  • renewal fee payment
  • traffic violations
    • ensure no unpaid traffic violations are associated with your license.

Application process

Follow these steps to renew your driving license through the Absher platform:

  • log in to your Absher account
  • click on the “Services” tab located below “My Services”
  • under the “Traffic” tab, choose “Renew Driving License”
  • the system will display the terms and conditions for license renewal. Click on the “Next” button to proceed
  • select the type of driving license you hold. Choose the renewal period: 2, 5, or 10 years
  • follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the renewal process

Upon successful renewal, you have two options for obtaining your renewed driving license:

Collection from traffic police office

  • visit a traffic police office or Dallah Driving School
  • carry the following documents:
    • Muroor appointment
    • original Iqama
    • the old driving license

Postal delivery

Request postal delivery of your renewed driving license and ensure you provide accurate delivery details during the renewal process. Furthermore, note that the traffic police officer will discard the old driver’s license and issue you a new one upon collection.

Saudi driving license fees

Below are the costs associated with different types of driving licenses.

  1. private driving license: SAR 40
  2. public driving license: SAR 40
  3. public work license: SAR 100
  4. motorbike license: SAR 20
  5. temporary driving license: SAR 100

For both loss and misplacement situations, the replacement fee for all types of driving licenses is a standard amount of SAR 100.

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