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Updated May 2024

Upon issuance of your UAE residency visa, you will receive a copy that contains vital information, including your personal details and various visa-related information. One of the important details on this document is the unique identification number assigned to your UAE visa.

Since UAE visa numbers hold crucial information regarding an individual’s status within the country, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of these numbers. Keep reading to learn more about them.

UAE visa number

Before delving into a detailed understanding of a UAE visa number, it is important to note that the copy of your visa contains two distinct types of unique numbers: the UID number (Unified Number) and the UAE visa number. These two numbers serve different purposes for residents in the UAE.

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UID number

The UID number, also known as the Unified Number, is a unique numerical code issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). Every foreigner entering the country is assigned this 9-digit number. The UID number is essential for applying for an Emirates ID.

It’s important to note that the UID number remains the same for an individual, regardless of visa cancellations or subsequent applications for new visas.

UAE visa number

In contrast to the UID number, the UAE visa number can vary in length, ranging from 7 to 9 digits. This numerical code is assigned when a new visa is issued. The UAE visa number is necessary for various purposes, including verifying the validity of a visa or initiating visa cancellation procedures.

UAE visa number location

Your UAE visa number is incorporated within the file number on your visa copy. To locate your UAE visa number, you can refer to the actual visa document. It is positioned above the Passport number and below the UID number on the visa.

UAE visa number sample and format

Kindly refer to the example of a UAE visa number provided below for your reference:



The UAE visa number consists of various components that provide specific information. The first three digits indicate the Emirates responsible for issuing the visa, such as Abu Dhabi (101), Dubai (201), Sharjah (301), and Ajman (401). Following the Emirates code, the next four digits represent the year when the visa was issued. The remaining numbers make up the unique UAE visa number.

UAE visa number check

To check and verify your UAE visa number, you need to obtain a copy of your visa issued by the relevant authority. It is the only reliable method to confirm the accuracy of your visa number. However, if your UID number is not visible on the copy, you can visit the GDRFA website and inquire about it using your passport number. The website provides a mechanism to retrieve the UID number associated with your visa by inputting your passport details.


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