Looking for something unique, unusual and perfect for this Christmas for your travel-loving friends? Wego has done all the hard work for you and discovered some real gems. In fact, we’re wondering how we’ve ever lived without some of these beauties.

For the perfect holiday snap

What’s travel without photos? If you’re seriously into photography there’s no bolder statement than this Lux Nikon DF Camera in 24k yellow gold. At a cost of around $40,000, it’s safe to say you’d more than likely not leave this one in a taxi. Personal bodyguard not included.

Nikon Gold.jpg

For an authentic replay of your holiday and proof that you really did jump off a mountain with a flimsy parachute, the GoPro Dual HERO System for HERO3+ ($199.99) allows you to film full-resolution videos and photos in 3D. Waterproof to 60 metres, you can record synchronised vision or images and convert to 3D using GoPro Studio, perfect for sharing.

gopro dual.jpg

Miss those old instant Polaroid cameras as much as we do? Polaroid has come up with a nifty 10MP Digital Instant Print camera to make us happy. This cool little device allows you to Instagram it and print it at the same time.

polaroid print.jpg


It’s in the bag 

Release your inner Hemingway and pack your laptop in a vintage leather book laptop case. You’ll not only look uber cool and have people wondering what great novel of travel and romance you may be penning, it’s a fantastic disguise for your laptop to keep it safe too!

leather case

Top of our super cool list. Trip Sound is a transformable suitcase which is not only of superb quality for like, carrying stuff, but you can also turn it into a comfortable seat. If that wasn’t enough it also turns into a sound system so you can groove while you move.

Trip Sound Suitcase

Trip Sound Suitcase

Out of this world

Glide underwater like a dolphin with the SUBWING while being towed by a boat. The two separate wings are connected in a rotatable swivel which enables you to tilt down to dive, or up to surface or roll by tilting wings in opposite directions. 

Sub Wing

Transform into Aquaman

I’d never really imagined owning a flying hovercraft, only expecting to see them in James Bond film chase scenes to be honest. But for a mere $190,000 you can wrap a ribbon on it and blow that special someone’s mind this Christmas. This is some serious transport with speeds of up to 70 miles per hour thanks to its 130 horse power turbo charged engine.

Just what you've always wanted... a Flying Hovercraft

Just what you’ve always wanted… a Flying Hovercraft

Tech on the go

Back here on earth, why not keep track of your luggage as it makes its way across the world. The TrakDot Luggage Tracker ($69.95) is a great way to find out exactly where your bag is, when it’s not with you! Connecting with your smartphone, the tracker texts or emails you when you land to let you know exactly where it is, which is hopefully at the same place you are.

Never wonder where your luggage may be ever again

Never wonder where your luggage might be ever again

Christmas with the kids

Forgotten how to relate to the family without Skype, Facebook or instant messaging? Unplug and Play! This book lists 50 games that don’t need charging, for hours of fun with family and friends, which are completely tech free. 

Get to know the family again, tech free

Get to know the family again, tech free

Big brownie points with the kids if you pull one of these out on your holiday by the water. The Rave Sports Inflatable Turbo Chute Water Slide will see kids in a two mile radius lining up to have a go.

Your personal water slide park

Your personal water slide park


For the foodie travellers out there, why not decorate the kitchen wall with the Gourmet Scratch Map. Can work as a guide to local specialities while satisfying your hunger for tasting your way around the world.

Gourmet Scratch Wallpaper

Gourmet Scratch Map

And finally, for the traveller who has everything, but perhaps time to travel, grab some Canned Air from Paris, New York, Venice, Barcelona and more. No passport required.

Breathe in the local air..from home

Breathe in the local air..from home

Happy Christmas to all our fellow travellers right around the world, from all the Wego team!!