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Updated 17 March 2022

With the world opening up its borders to travelers across the globe, it’s time to go globe trotting! Pakistani citizens can travel to a variety of nations all over, and a lot of them allow them to do so with a visa on arrival. This means that they can skip the paperwork of a visa, and focus on traveling!

Here is a list of countries that Pakistani travelers can go to with a visa on arrival.

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The tourist visa is a single-entry visa that enables you to remain in Cambodia for a total of 30 days for tourism purposes. It costs a total of $20, which includes $3 in bank fees and $5 in processing expenses, and can be easily obtained online.


Maldives offers visa on arrival for Pakistani passport holders who have a confirmed outbound or return ticket. They must also have a hotel confirmation and cash of USD 1000 (in certain cases). Maldives provides tourists with a 30-day stay limit and does not offer multiple entry. The Maldives visit visa from Pakistan requires no visa fee.


Since Nepal and Pakistan share a SAARC agreement, Pakistani citizens can get a visa on arrival in Nepal free of cost the first time they visit but will have to pay 50 USD the second time around. You can avail this visa for 30 days.


On arrival at the airport, Pakistani citizens will be given a 30-day tourist visa for a price of QAR 100, which will be valid for 30 days and can be renewed for the same duration.

Sri Lanka

The method of obtaining a Sri Lanka visa on a Pakistani passport is quite simple; the application is completed online, and the ETA Visa is issued online. Adult visa expenses are just 20 USD, while children under 12 receive a free visa. This visa is issued for 30 days but can be extended if needed.


Pakistani Citizens can have a visa on arrival in Timor Leste for 30 USD for a duration of 30 days. If the stay is less than three days, then tourists or visitors can have a visa for 20 USD on arrival.


Cape Verde

Citizens of Pakistan can avail of a visa on arrival for Cape Verde for 30 days. This visa costs approximately 30 Euros for Pakistani citizens and can be paid for in cash on arrival.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has various treaties in place with nations worldwide in terms of visa agreements. Therefore, Pakistani citizens can avail of a visa on arrival of 30 days from Sierra Leone on arrival for just 80 USD.


If you are looking to visit Somalia for the coming holidays, you are in luck! Somalia offers a 30-day visa for Pakistani citizens for just 50 USD. However, if passengers want a longer-duration visa, then they will have to apply for it like the other visas offered by Somalia.


This tiny nation has visa-on-arrival arrangements for several countries, including Pakistan. If you opt for a visa on arrival, you are eligible for up to 45 days for 50 USD.


Those looking to holiday for a more extended period of time will find Guinea-Bissau an excellent place to visit. This place allows Pakistani citizens to have a visa on arrival for up to 90 days, for just 70 Euros. However, the cost may increase the longer you wish to stay.


To make travel more accessible for visitors, Kenya offers an eVisa and a visa on arrival service for Pakistani citizens. The eVisa will cost you around 54 USD, whereas you can pay for the visa on arrival for just 50 USD. Both visas are valid for 3 months.


Rwanda offers visa on arrival facility for visitors from Pakistan that has a validity period of 30 days. No quarantine is required for Pakistani travellers to Rwanda. A service fee of US$ 69 will be charged for each visa along with and US$ 90 as government and admin fee.


Togo has various visa levels; the cheapest of them is the visa on arrival. This visa costs just 25 USD for only seven days. People who wish to stay on longer should ideally go for a single entry tourist visa for 80 USD.


This wonderful African country offers visa-on-arrival for various countries, including Pakistan. This visa is valid for up to 90 days and will cost Pakistani citizens 20 USD. You can even rush the processing for this visa for ten additional USD, 30 USD in total.


People who wish to travel to Senegal from Pakistan can do so with a visa on arrival! For just 50 Euros, you can get a tourist visa to visit Senegal for up to 30 days.


Pakistani citizens are eligible for visa on arrival in Seychelles with a maximum duration of stay of 3 months. Visitors should have a passport and other travel documents that are recognized by the government of Seychelles. The passport should also be valid for the period of their intended stay.


Uganda has an option for an eVisa as well as a visa on arrival for citizens of Pakistan. The online visa takes up to 6 working days for 90 USD, but you can rush it for approximately 120 USD. On the other hand, you can skip the trouble and just pay for it in cash when you arrive.


If they have proper travel documentation, visitors can obtain a Mauritania visa upon arrival at Nouakchott International Airport. Visas are only given at the Nouakchott airport for a single entrance and a period of 30 days. This will cost travelers around 60 USD.



Pakistani citizens can avail of a visa on arrival in Palau of 50 USD for a stay of 30 days. This visa can be renewed twice, for 50 USD each time around.


Samoa provides visa on arrival facility to Pakistani nationals and allows a maximum duration of stay for 2 months. You can extend your duration of stay by 60 days for a fee of 38.67 USD.


Tuvalu has made visa-free access or visa-on-arrival access for almost every country globally, including Pakistan. These visas are applicable for 30 days within 180 days and will cost travelers approximately 100 AUD.