This week the Wego team had the great pleasure to attend and present at Web In Travel’s Unplugged Conference, 2012 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Our CEO Ross Veitch and Chairman Martin Symes enthralled the cream of the digital travel industry with their insights into the world of online travel and the exciting future ahead. Our very clever social media team from Indonesia (nominated in the top three for a WITovation Award) broadcast live tweets to keep everyone up to date with all the action, and our global executive team were all in attendance.

The biggest surprise of the event was the emergence of two very talented poets among our Wego team during the annual challenge to reflect the conference theme in either pictures or poetry – this year’s theme – ‘Unplugged’.

We’re very proud of Najiah Nasir (Manager Sales and Accounts) who was awarded first prize, and runner-up Jackson Fernandez (General Manager Wego India).

“I was thinking more about unplugging myself from normalcy and routine and the ‘system’, and I do that by travelling,” said Najiah of her thought process. “I don’t travel as a tourist, rather as a visitor that takes the road less travelled.”

Jackson’s take was a little more nostalgic. “Travel to me has always been more about the journey rather than the destination,” he explained. “My best travel memories are long train journeys that we did as kids while travelling across India.”

“It’s during this time that you are switched off from the world and have the time to soak up the beauty of nature and reflect inwards. For me the journey is what gives me inspiration.”

Congratulations Najiah and Jackson – you embody the spirit of travel that makes Wego so special! Please enjoy their inspirational poems below.

Najiah Nasir

Burst Your Bubble and Live

My life started off as a huge bubble

Where all is safe, peachy and comfortable

One day I felt a sudden hunger and thirst

And that was when my bubble burst.

I then sought to take the road less travelled

At me, mishaps and uncertainties were hurled

But in the end, a sigh of satisfaction I heaved

Upon realizing that I have finally truly lived.

Jackson Fernandez

The Journey

The cool wind on my face,

blows my troubles away,

As i look into the yonder

of moving mountains,

rushing rivers and lazy cows –

the changing sceneries,

reflect the shades of life

as my train chugs along

on a journey of eternal change.

A time of reflection,

of life and of times gone by,

of hits and misses,

of friends made and love lost.

As the music of life,

with its intonations and harmonies

blends with the breeze

and opens a window to the future.

A future that inspires hope

and a sense of belief.

A belief that the future be brighter,

the mountains greener,

the rivers livelier,

and the cows merrier.

A rushing wave of positivism

that fills one with courage

to face the fears and chase the obsessions.

Being one with nature,

I embark on an eternal journey

of reflection and change

of hope and belief