There are an astounding number of people who travel, and really don’t see the destination they visit. Granted, sometimes it’s lovely to just be collected in an air conditioned car and driven to your beach chair, the hardest decision choosing which cocktail and which piece of fruit you sip it out of. And that’s all fine but then we find ourselves returning home saying that we visited a country but truly never actually see anything outside of the resort.

All the websites and magazines tell us the top restaurants to eat at, or a handful of must-see attractions, and when you arrive at those attractions you discover that everyone else in the world has read the same pamphlet or story. Where has the adventure of discovery gone today?

Here at Wego we have gathered some of the world’s last adventurers and hired them. Yes, that’s right, whether a programmer, marketing guru or sales genius, we all live and breathe travel. We intend to hook you up with all the knowledge you need to make your own discoveries, all of course at the best prices using our revolutionary metasearch engine. We will bring you insider tips, source the most unusual information about a destination we can find, and also keep you up to date with the latest travel industry news all here on this page.

We want you to be a part of it too! Talk to us. We welcome your tips, advice and feedback Wego fans, on everything travel related, including the most out of the way beach hideaway, romantic secluded forest cabin or best spot at an airport to take a nap. Contact us at [email protected] with your stories. You may see your unique travel experience right here in black, white and Wego-green!

We love travel as much as you do and it’s our mission to help you save time, pay less and travel more!

Anita Duffin
Travel Editor & Community Manager