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Updated 15 October 2021

In line with the subthemes of Expo 2020 Dubai, all participating countries had to identify which among the subthemes of Sustainability, Opportunity, and Mobility as being most relevant to the nation. In Canada’s case, focusing on collaboration towards a better future means the Canada Pavilion belongs in the Sustainability District.

Here are 5 things you need to know before making your way to the Canada Pavilion.

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Canada pavilion

Defined by its diversity, Canada manifests itself as a country fully embracing cultural, regional, as well as economic pluralism. This diversity is what drives Canada as a leader and innovative collaborator in rising up to the challenges of our time. 

Visitors to the Canada Pavilion may expect a discovery of innovation and openness retold through an immersive journey of artistic expression.

Collaboration between countries

The circular shape of the Canada Pavilion represents the collaboration between countries and a universal symbol of unity, evoking the relationships humans have between each other and with the land. The wooden facade is also an architectural reproduction of the great Canadian landscapes.

Specifically, the use of geometric lattice is an international cultural reference to the Mashrabiya, an element of Arabic architecture. The pavilion is a symbolic representation of the strong cultural and economic ties between Canada and the UAE.

A platform for business and innovation

The Canada Pavilion at the Dubai Expo is an ideal platform to showcase Canada’s innovation, knowledge and expertise in business and culture. The pavilion also serves as an important meeting place for Canadian businesses and innovators. 

In addition to a public presentation area open to all Expo visitors, dedicated business spaces in the pavilion are available free of charge to Canadian businesses and partners. The business district will host a trade program related to major trade shows and other flagship events, including:

  • trade missions
  • business-to-business meetings
  • seminars and conferences
  • networking activities


On the artistic side, The National Film Board (NFB) of Canada has established an interactive installation to raise awareness of the growing threat of climate change outside the Canadian Pavilion.

Dubbed TRACES, it offers a poetic vision of an uncertain future and a reflection on the trajectory of our present course. The depiction is represented by eight human-scale boxes that can be visited by people visiting the esplanade of the Canada Pavilion.

In the center of these boxes, semi-opaque yellowish and stone objects are placed, mostly representing flocks of fossilized birds in flight. These exhibits testify to the accelerated extinction of endangered species. 

360-degree theatrical experience

As visitors make their way inside of the pavilion, the journey continues with a 360-degree theater experience through Canada’s four seasons inspired by the vast Canadian landscape. 

As an artistic expression of Canada’s natural diversity, the experience combines celebration, abundance, reflection, observation, healing, hope, and energy. Together, they tell the story of Canada and demonstrate Canadians’ ability to creatively solve problems hand-in-hand with the global community. 

The journey highlights the links between Canada’s natural beauty and resources, the power of its indigenous peoples’ traditional knowledge, and the diversity and dynamism of Canada’s urban centers, driving creativity, innovation and prosperity.

Virtual experience

The Canada Pavilion experience is also available to everyone from around the world. The pavilion’s emotional, poetic and immersive odyssey is brought online through the use of cutting-edge technologies. Virtual visitors from around the world may navigate the Canada Pavilion site based on the distinctive elements of an in-person visit.

If you’d like to experience the Canada Pavilion virtually prior to your visit, you can try it here.