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Updated April 2024

While many countries worldwide are easing their entry restrictions, the Philippines stands out by maintaining unique measures tailored explicitly for travelers arriving within its borders.

If you are looking to fly from Dubai to Manila, Wego prepared a complete guide cover everything you need to know before your trip.

Flights from Dubai to Manila

A simple search through Wego will show you the latest flight schedules, allowing you to choose the best flight deals from across several airlines.

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Given below are the flight schedules and ticket prices for two of the most sought-after airways covering the Dubai-Manali routes.

Cebu Pacific

Flight time and duration

Cebu Pacific offers one direct flights from Dubai to Manila every day of the week. These flights take about 9 hours and 30 minutes to complete.

1. Flight number 5J15
Departure from DXB: 10:10 PM
Arrival at MAN: 12:05 AM (+1)

Ticket price

As of now, seats starting at AED 842 are open for bookings right now.

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Flight time and duration

Emirates operates 3-4 direct flights from Dubai to Manila on all days of the week. The flight duration is about 8 hours and 40 minutes. 

1. Flight number EK 334
Departure from DXB: 9:35 AM
Arrival at MAN: 10:10 PM (+1)

2. Flight number EK 336
Departure from DXB: 5:20 PM
Arrival at MAN: 5:50 AM (+1)

3. Flight number EK 332
Departure from DXB: 3:35 AM
Arrival at MAN: 4:15 PM (+1)

Ticket price

Right now, limited flights flying to Manila starting from AED 540 are available for bookings. 

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The Philippines entry requirements

The latest travel and entry requirements to the Philippines are as follows.

Required documents

All inbound travelers, foreigners, and Filipino nationals (including infants and children) were previously required to register individually for the eTravel card before their flight into the Philippines, at least 72 hours before departing from the country of origin. 

eTravel Card 2024: What to Know About the Philippines’ Latest Travel Pass


Entry rules

Travelers planning to visit the Philippines will now need to adhere to a set of new rules and requirements. To understand these updated regulations comprehensively, please consult our detailed article below.

Philippines New Travel Rules: Understanding the Latest Travel Rule Changes


Philippines tourist visa from Dubai

If you hold a UAE passport and are looking to visit the Philippines, you are allowed to enter the Philippines without a visa for a stay of up to 30 days.


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