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Updated January 2024

Following the unification of the Emirates ID with the proof of residency, the Emirates ID has become a vital document for both Emirati nationals and expat residents in the UAE. An important aspect of getting the Emirates ID card is to submit the correct photo identification according to the guidelines stipulated by the authorities. 

Wego has laid down the photo requirements for the Emirates ID requirements: size, dimensions, and other specifications to be followed for you. 

Emirates ID photo

Photos are an important part of many identification documents, including UAE passports and Emirates IDs. The purpose of including a photo is to provide a visual reference that can be used to confirm the identity of the person presenting the document.

The Emirates ID can be applied online via the ICP portal. Check out our article to learn all about the Emirates ID and how to apply for one:

Emirates ID 2024: Everything You Need to Know About the Identification Card in the UAE


Emirates ID photo requirements 

In order for the online identification system to accept your photo, it must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • images must be high quality, recent, coloured and no older than six months.
  • dimensions of the image must be 35-40mm.
  • images need to have a white background.
  • expressions must be neutral and not exaggerated.
  • position needs to be parallel to the photographic lens without any tilt.
  • eyes should be open towards the camera without any coloured lenses.
  • glasses are permitted provided it does not obscure eyes or reflect light.
  • clothing must be in accordance with the official UAE dress (for citizens).
  • head covering is permitted in line with national dress or religious beliefs.
  • resolution of the image needs to be 600dpi without ink traces or shrinkage.
  • any images subject to enhancements or modifications by an image editing software will not be permitted.
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Emirates ID photo size

The photo you upload must be 35 mm in width and 40 mm in height. As per the latest development, please note that the authorities have stated that images that have been edited using digital software will not be accepted.

Emirates ID photo check

Once you upload the picture, if the photo adheres to all the above-given guidelines, it will be accepted by the system. Otherwise, it will be rejected, and you will have to re-upload it.

Emirates ID photo change

Once you are familiar with the correct procedure, it is easy to change the photo on your UAE identity card. You have the option to request a modification of your ID card photo at any point during its validity.

To change the photo in your existing Emirates ID, follow the process outlined below:

  • Visit one of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICP) customer happiness centres with your original passport and Emirates ID card.
  • Ensure you have your replacement photo available. It should be a passport photo with a white background.
  • Please fill out the information-changing application and submit it with the required documents.
  • The application fee for issuing an Emirates ID card with updated data must be paid. The charge is AED 150 (inclusive of AED 40 service fees).
  • Confirm biometrics (photo, fingerprints etc).
  • After application submission (usually within 48 hours), you will receive an SMS letting you know your amended Emirates ID is ready for collection.
  • You can collect your new ID card from the post office specified in the SMS.

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