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Updated May 2024

The Hajj is one of the most important religious events in the Islamic calendar. Millions of Muslims from around the world travel to Makkah each year to participate in the annual pilgrimage.

Wego has noted everything you need to know about Hajj 2024 registrations from Bangladesh. Keep reading to learn more! 

Hajj 2024 registration from Bangladesh starting and closing dates

Hajj 2024 registrations for pilgrims from public and private sectors took place between 15 November to 31 December 2023. 

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Hajj 2024 registration from Bangladesh requirements

As announced by the authorities, the following are some of the main registration documents required for Hajj 2024 from Bangladesh:

  1. a scanned copy of the National Identity Card (in case of persons below 18 years of age, pre-registration can be done with their birth certificate). Furthermore, In the case of women, the national identity card of Mahram (a family member with whom marriage is haram) has to be added.
  2. valid mobile phone number
  3. email id
  4. present address
  5. a passport photocopy
  6. a COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

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Hajj 2024 registration from Bangladesh procedure

In Bangladesh, every year, the Hajj registration is implemented under the authorization of Government and non-Government institutions or private agencies. The most important thing in both media is pre-registration.

Applications can be made to the following institutions for pre-registration of the Hajj pilgrimage under government supervision.

  1. Union Digital Service Center (UDC)
  2. Office of the Deputy Commissioner
  3. Office of the Islamic Foundation
  4. Director, Hajj Office, Ashkona, Dhaka

To pre-register for Hajj, candidates can do so online through the Ministry of Religious Affairs. We recommend visiting the official government Hajj website of Bangladesh (the website is in Bangladeshi) to learn of the latest updates. Please note that the registration process may be subject to change without prior notice:

  • choose the institution and log in with your Gmail ID
  • fill up the online form with your personal and bank details. Make sure they match your NID or BRC. In the case of candidates under 18 years of age, the information should be provided as per their BRC (birth registration certificate)
  • click on the ‘Payment Application’ button to provide the bank information. Then click on the ‘Apply for Voucher’ option
  • once the voucher is created, an email will be sent to the candidate’s Gmail and an SMS to the provided mobile number
  • print the voucher and submit the pre-registration fee along with it to the concerned bank.  If the pre-registration number of the candidate is selected for Hajj according to the National Hajj Policy this year, the confirmation message will be sent to the candidate’s mobile and Gmail address
  • if you are selected for Hajj, the total amount of the Hajj package has to be paid within the time fixed by the government
  • an irrevocable Pilgrim ID (PID) will be created for the Hajj pilgrim when the Hajj Office or the concerned Hajj Agency confirms the payment. It will be notified via SMS to the mobile number of the Hajj applicant, and thus, Hajj registration will finally be completed

To apply for registration through private agencies, candidates must go to legitimate Hajj agencies approved by the Ministry of Religious Affairs. To check the list of Bangladesh government-approved Hajj agencies, please visit this government website.

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